Livigno – Brumotti, a championship partnership

Livigno supports Brumotti for Italy tour, the new traveling project of the bike trial champion sponsored by FAI, Italian Environment fund to discover the most beautiful places of Italy, will start on Monday 18 June from Il Piccolo Tibet.  The long-lasting partnership with Livigno this summer will take Vittorio Brumotti very far, and more precisely up to the Valley of the Temples in Agrigento.

The “Brumotti for Italy tour” will start from Livigno on the 18th June from the Alps to the sea. In his tour across Italy, Brumotti will be accompanied by the sun of Livigno and by the starry skies of some FAI places which he cherishes and prefers to stay in rather than in luxurious hotels and resorts.

The project stems from the desire of Vittorio Brumotti, former ambassador of the FAI, to create and promote a new naturalistic and cultural itinerary to be covered at your own pace on two wheels, while crossing all Italy from North to the South.

The journey will end on 6 July with the arrival at the Kolymbethra Garden in the Valley of the Temples in Agrigento after 19 days, 2,600 km and 20,000 m of difference in height, making stops in some of the most beautiful places of art and nature in Italy.

Art, beauty, sport and solidarity will be the guiding principle of this adventure that anybody could see through the internet and social media, following Brumotti in real time on his official social channels and discovering day by day the 19 stops of the journey.

Why has Livigno been chosen to be the starting point of the tour? It is not only because this place is in the Norther part of Italy, but also because Vittorio Brumotti is quite fond of this Alpine destination, which he visited year in winter and summer to do training at altitude and outdoors.
In this adventure, Livigno is once again Brumotti’s partner, as it will be the official starting point of the tour and supporter of the project in all its stages.

“We are proud to have a cutting-edge place in this project” declares Mr. Moretti the APT Livigno President. With Brumotti, we have established a strong partnership which has been going on for years. Just like many other people, Brumotti had chosen the Piccolo Tibet to train. Year after year, he came to enjoy not only the many bike trial routes of our woods, our sports infrastructure such as Acquagranda, but also the traditions, the gastronomy, the locals. We are honoured that he has chosen Livigno as the first stage of this ambitious initiative that will cover some of the most iconic and typical places in Italy. ”

Brumotti in Livigno

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