List of the banks’ charges in Dubai and the UAE

List of banks in Dubai and UAE

Emirati banks lost more than 22 billion US dollar in foreign deposits through 2009 after some investors withdrew their funds to shore up liquidity shortage at home and others gave up hope of an appreciation of the dirham against the US dollar. A decline of Dh82.5bn in just one year. The decline followed a withdrawal of around Dh30bn in foreign funds from the Emirati banks through 2008.

Central Bank data has showed it was the largest loss of foreign deposits with the Emirati banking system and the withdrawals coincided with moves by the country’s 51 banks to rebuild their deposit base after they were hit by the liquidity shortage in the aftermath of the 2008 global fiscal crisis.

Currently the financial situation in Dubai and UAE is highly stable. That’s why investors came back in appreciating Dirham and Emirati business opportunites.

HEre is a list of the banks in Dubai and UAE.

Foreign Banks
1. Bank of Baroda
2. Barclays Bank
3. Bank Saderat Iran
4. Citi Bank
5. Doha Bank
6. Habib Bank A.G. Zurich
7. HSBC Middle East Limited
8. Lloyds TSB Bank PLC
9. National Bank of Bahrain
10. National Bank of Oman
11. Standard Chartered Bank
National Banks
1. Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank
2. Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank
3. Al Hilal Bank
4. Arab Bank for Investment and Foreign Trade (Al Masraf)
5. Commercial Bank of Dubai
6. Commercial Bank International
7. Dubai Bank
8. Dubai Islamic Bank PJSC
9. Emirates NBD Bank
10. Emirates Islamic Bank
11. First Gulf Bank
12. Mashreq Bank
13. Noor Islamic Bank
14. RAK Bank
15. Sharjah Islamic Bank
16. United Arab Bank PJSC
17. Union National Bank

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