Learning to Skydive in Dubai

Learning to Skydive in DubaiThose looking for a high adrenaline sport in Dubai may find skydiving ideal. Skydive Dubai offers an amazing experience to those who wish try this activity that is all about sheer excitement and high-speed fun.

Many people consider skydiving one of the most dangerous sports, mainly for the risks related to the parachute deployment: it may not open during a free fall, it could activate late or the lines may tangle when pulled. Skydivers, however, know that flying and landing is not so risky when somebody is well trained and prepared. Training about altitude awareness, body position, and stability during freefall helps those that do the sport. Experienced skydivers who are quite knowledgeable will say lack of skill in controlling your body or your parachute through the air from rushing wind is what makes the free fall dangerous.

Although there are very few skydiving accidents known to date, the high-speed aerial sport, however, does, of course, carry real risks of injury and death. Therefore, it’s in the best interest of the skydiver to get an instructor that can teach perfect air skills such as turns, forward movement and landing. Wannabe skydivers can join an Accelerated Free Fall Course (AFF) at Skydive Dubai. As the name suggests, it is an “accelerated” learning process towards modern sport skydiving.

The skydiving school in Dubai has instructor-led courses to teach the student what it is like during freefall from the moment they leave the aircraft until opening the ripcord; students will learn how to steer their parachute and what jumpers need to do to land safely. An AFF helps students work towards a skydiver’s license.

In addition, Skydive Dubai offers tandem jumps where one can have a skydiver’s “free fall” experience; a student skydiver is connected to a harness attached to a tandem instructor. This is ideal for first time jumpers. More details can be read at skydivedubai.ae.

Lately, a paralyzed U.S. skydiver (Jarrett Martin, a familiar figure at Skydive Dubai), conquered Dubai’s skies; “he is one of just two qualified master parachute riggers in the United Arab Emirates, “ tells a post by David Dunn, for CNN. Now 24, Martin, the Seattle-born sportsman, was paralyzed from the chest down in an incident, but he is back doing what he enjoys and is actually working as a skydiving instructor in Dubai and still pulling off amazing stunts, Dunn explains. Martin, an experienced jumper, is an example for all those who approach extreme sports that are life threatening and risky.

Learning to Skydive in Dubai

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