Kitesurf in Dubai: my first lesson…

Kitesurfing is a sport with almost infinite appeal. I first discovered this sport and saw kitesurfers in action here in Dubai some years ago, when I took part into my first aquathlon competition in Kitesurf beach. Actually I also had problem in finding that place.. cause I used to go on the Jumeirah free beach for my training. Three years later, I got my first kitesurf lesson, thanks to Creativity Surfing.

In just a few months, a community of Kitesurf and Windsurf aficionados has grown around the school. Every weekend there are excursions around the UAE: an opportunity to go looking for waves and wind, to share a common passion, and to appreciate the beauty of this country. So at one point I decided to try..

Ninety percent of kiteboarding is kite control. So I started with my instructor – Hisham – with beach-based lesson, allowing me to practice with special training kites that have short, easy-to-control lines. The key is to keep an eye on the 180-degree arc in the sky that the kite flies in, called the “wind window.”

Once in the water, body dragging revealed the power available thanks to your kite. The next progression – a water start – gave me so a strong excitement! I dived the kite into the power zone, got yanked out of the water and started planing, then would accelerate until I wiped out. Even though at the beginning you are not able to dive your kite for long, immediately you start feeling of freedom.

I can’t wait to go on with the rest of my course and to be able to dive my kite as far as I want..!

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Kitesurf in Dubai: my first lesson...

About Creativity Surfing

Creativity Surfing was born from a passion for the sea, for sports, for the wind, and for the amazing opportunities offered by a city like Dubai, with 365 sunny days a year, allowing for uninterrupted practice. What’s more, the shores of the city are sandy and shallow, perfect for beginners and young ones alike.

You can enjoy with them:
The equipment consists of a kite acting as a sail and a surfboard locked on to the feet, allowing for spectacular jumps and wave surfing. Classes for this discipline start at the age of 11.

Born in the 1970s as an offshoot of traditional wave surfing, it’s easy to learn and ideal for those who are approaching the sea for the first time. Classes for this discipline start at the age of 6.

Acronym of Stand Up Paddling, it was “discovered” by explorer James Cook in Polynesia, where he noticed the locals fishing while standing up, on rudimentary boards, using an oar to propel themselves. Nowadays it’s practiced the world over, it’s easy and great fun. Classes for this discipline start at the age of 5.

In Italian or English, classes can be for individuals as well as for groups. Each individual will be given a customized training plan depending on the skill level.
Classes are for everyone: from children all the way to professionals who want to master the techniques. What should you take with you? Just a swimsuit, your slippers, and sunscreen! All other equipment is provided by the school (including the radio helmets which allow instructors to communicate in real time during the lessons).
Prices vary depending on the type of lesson, individual or group.

The school uses exclusively equipment from RRD (Roberto Ricci Design), the major Italian brand for water sports. Creativity Surfing is also an authorized RRD reseller: for those looking for quality equipment, the school allows you to try out the equipment before buying it.

Location: Nessnass Beach, also known as Sunset Mall Beach, behind Sunset Mall, on Jumeirah Road.
Ph: Francesco, +971554552795

Kitesurf in Dubai: my first lesson...

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