James Senese and his Golden Sax on holiday in Dubai

James Senese, the famous saxophonist, after having finished some jobs, is arranging a holiday in Dubai.

James Senese, one of the founders of Neapolitan Power (Showmen, Napoli Centrale, Pino Daniele, Enzo Gragnaniello), also called the “black sax from Vesuvius“, is playing a Golden Sax and never leave it. The artist has already announced he’s bringing with him on holiday in Dubai. Probably the most important Italian saxophonist, able during the 80s and 90s to write indelible pages of the Italian music, was strong influenced by Soul, Blues and Rhythm’n Blues.

James Senese is still one of the members of the Pino Daniele’s supergroup (Tullio De Piscopo, Tony Esposito, Joe Amoruso, Rino Zurzolo): a genuine friendship and long artistic collaboration.

The flight reservation seems to have been purchased already, but the dates, as well as departure and arrival airports, and hotels are stricly confidential for obvious reasons of privacy of the artist. Our portal will follow the artist, organizing all the tours in Dubai during this trip.

James Senese and his Golden Sax on holiday in Dubai

Jamme in Dubai ‘a’ ffa little nu ‘and Ammuina …!

said James. (Neapolitan dialect: we’re goin to paint Dubai red).

Gaetano “James” Senese (who defines himself “half black”) is an Italian saxophonist, born in Naples in the neighborhood Miano, son of James Smith, Afro-American U.S. soldier, and Anna Senese, a young Neapolitan girl. He made his debut in the sixties with the 4 Conny, a group founded by Vito Russo, whose members are, in addition to the same Russo (voice, piano and guitar) and James Senese (sax): Nicola Mormone (guitar), Ino Galluccio (drums), Mario Musella (the other “half black”, voice and bass guitar).

A musical history spanning more than 40 years, continued with Napoli Centrale, his encounters with Shawn Phillips, Gil Hevans, Lester Bowie, Don Moye, Massimo Troisi. Some cameo appearance in the movies “No grazie, ilcaffè mi rende nervoso” by and with Lello Arena and “Zora la vampira” by the Manetti Bros, enriched his artistic experience and underlined the use of Neapolitan slang and his strong Neapolitan accent.

James – in the meanwhile – continues to promote his latest album “E’ Fernut’ ‘o Tiempo” and is going to play with Pino Daniele on December 28th, 29th, 30th December and January 4th an 5th at the Teatro Palapartenope in Naples, for the tour TUTTA N’ATA STORIA – LIVE IN NAPLES. At the beginning of December 2012 it will also be released “Passion Tour Live in Naples”. The double CD is featuring 26 tracks recorded in Naples during the concerts at the Arena Flegrea 15/09/2011.

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  • April 2, 2018 at 2:13 pm

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