It’s Time for the Dubai Desert Warrior Challenge

The Desert Warrior Challenge is scheduled for Friday, October 21, 2016 and will bring you “fun and challenging obstacle courses, designed to test the physical strength, mental toughness, team-work and overall fitness of each and every Warrior.”

DWC Dubai 2016 (DWCDXB16) will be held at the Dubai Outlet Mall – Dubai Police Training Facility.

  • Extreme warrior (20km, 30 obstacles); the event starts at 07:30
  • Ultimate warrior (10km, 22 obstacles); the event starts at 08:30
  • Fearless warrior (5km, 12 obstacles); the event starts at 09:15
  • Junior warrior (1-2km, 8 obstacles); the event starts at 09:00

Spectators may enter the event for free; the same holds true for D.W.C volunteers  who will be part of the Warrior Support Team (Obstacle Officials or Course Marshaling), or help with the running of the base camp and water stations throughout the course. For details, email

Participants: Be sure you pick the one event that suits your appropriate skill level as warriors will be asked to run, crawl, jump, climb and most importantly be physically able to survive the distance and various obstacles throughout the course.

DWC Entry Prices:                                                   Extreme   Ultimate   Fearless   Junior

02/09-20/10 Standard price $149 $120 $105 $30-42
21/10-21/10 On the day $164 $132 $115 $33-46

Participants will need to register on the D.W.C. website; registrants can do so up until the day before the event. Once registered, the applicants will receive an email confirmation and their ticket. Those having trouble registering may email

Upon arrival on site you will need to bring (1) a printout version of your ticket showing the QR code and (2) a valid photo ID that matches the name on your ticket.

Registering includes the following: Obstacle course entrance of the DWC event, your Warrior T-Shirt and your ‘Warrior-Reward’ as you cross the finish line.

As quoted on the official website, “D.W.C. is not a race and is aimed at having fun and challenging yourself. The reward is in the completion of the course as a whole, not necessarily the best times or the most obstacles completed.” So, bring your Warrior spirit and partake in the DWC challenges and win great prizes. You can participate as individual warriors or opt to join a team to work together to overcome the obstacles and achieve success.

Training for Obstacle Course Races: Participating in DWC Dubai’s adrenaline fueled obstacle course is unlike any other physical high-impact activity; therefore, partakers shall be prepared for the BIG challenge ahead. DWC and the WHG (Warehouse Gym – has a program (training and workout packages) to help ensure you are in the best possible shape for The Big Day. All classes are designed to develop specific components of physical fitness. Make sure you book yourself in for their programs early as places are limited and fill fast.  The Warehouse Gym is an Official Training Partner to help prepare participants for the demands of the fitness challenges with a conditioning program typically performed for such events.

Other DWC partners, include:

  • DubaiBlog – Official Digital Media Partner.
  • Monviso – Water Sponsor of the Dubai event and present at water stations throughout the course as well as at Base camp, which is where all of the courses will start and finish.

Those coming from out of town and needing a place to stay can take advantage of some offers. For example, the Media One Hotel will offer warriors 1 night and 2 night packages.

It’s Time for the Dubai Desert Warrior Challenge

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