Italian, the Fourth Most Studied Language – Learn it in Dubai

Italian, the Fourth Most Studied Language – Learn it in DubaiTo no surprise, Italian is the fourth most studied language in the world after English, French, Spanish and German. The beautiful romance language is spoken in many countries as a second language and is the most widely spoken non-official language in Europe. This is due not only to the regard for a language that is the core of many renowned literary masterpieces, but is also due to the popularity of Italy itself as most popular tourist attraction in Europe.

A study that involved universities throughout the world has shown that Italian is more popular than languages spoken in countries that are currently under the spotlight as economic powers such as China and Russia. What makes the study of the official language of a small boot-shaped country so popular? Its association with the Italian culture and lifestyle is one of its main appeals.

People often learn Italian to visit Italy, engage in conversation and embrace the lifestyle. Often the language is associated with the love for Italian food and fashion. Italian is learnt in the hope to visit the country itself and being able to buy effortlessly a bottle of excellent wine or purchase some trendy fashion.

Many of the world’s cultural heritage sites are in Italy, according to UNESCO, the cultural and educational agency for the United Nations. This contributes to the popularity of the country and promotes all that is Italian, including the language.

New data presented on October 21-22 at an international conference in Florence, the States-General of the Italian Language in the World, raised public awareness on the strength and potential of the Italian language. What the symposium pointed out is that Italian has developed into an international language. Discussions were held on how to best promote the Italian language and culture abroad. The new goal for the Italian government is to increase its popularity and study beyond the millions of people that already speak it.

Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Asia have already seen an increase in the number of locals studying Italian and currently learning the language by enrolling in traditional or online courses. Italian language opportunities in Dubai are widely available through private tutors but also through internationally accredited institutes using Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) standards set by Council of Europe. Programs are offered online or in class for individuals and groups, but fun options like learning Italian by cooking are often available.

With several jobs available in Dubai for Italian-speaking candidates, learning Italian might offer interesting opportunities to work in the Emirate.

Italian, the Fourth Most Studied Language – Learn it in Dubai

One thought on “Italian, the Fourth Most Studied Language – Learn it in Dubai

  • September 29, 2017 at 10:17 pm

    Job required : Italian Language instructor
    Khaled Gamal Ali Hussein

    Career Objective:
    To pursue a successful career by holding a responsible Position, which allows me to demonstrate my efficiency and ability to learn quickly.

    Personal Data:
    Date of birth : 12/6/1987
    Nationality : Egyptian
    Marital Status : Married
    Military Service : Exemption
    Graduated from faculty of tourism and hotels, hotels management department, Alexandria University (2008).with general grade: Good
    4) Training Courses:
    Location Course Title American language and computer English conversation
    institute With Native American
    Cultural center for language and general English
    Computer science

    Ciao Egitto Italian Ciao Egitto Italian conversation Dante Alighieri Italian conversation
    Leonardo da Vinci school in Florence The Intermediate level 4 ( B2 )
    The faculty of tourism and Front office management Hotels
    Cambridge- Training College centre ICDL

    1- I’ve stayed in Italy from 10-07-2011 to 21-01-2012 and during my stay there from10 -07-2011 to 05 -08-2011 I have regularly Attended the Italian Language and culture course at the Leonardo da Vinci school in Florence , and i have reached the Intermediate level 4 ( B2 )
    2-I have international certificates in English and Italian and I studied both during the high school and at the faculty
    Summer training :
    Blue Sky travel Group : tour leader
    Work Experience:
    Shores Amphoras Sharm El-Sheikh Resort: telephone operator from August 2008 till January 2009

    Hilton Sharm El Sheikh Fayrouz Resort: Guest Service Agent from January 2009 till July 2010
    El-Ramel high school: Italian teacher from September 2010 till 2011
    Zizanya High school for girls : From 2011 til now

    Language Skills:
    Arabic: Mother Tongue
    English: good
    Italian: Fluent
    Computer Skills:
    Experienced user of Microsoft Office products & Cambridge IT Skills Diploma
    * Internet: Very good experience in using internet.
    Fidelio V8: good OnQ: Very good

    Contact Information:
    Home Address: 40 Yaqout El Hamawy St , EL Sieouf Shamaa , Alexandria

    E-Mail :
    Cell Phone : +2 01012161009
    +2 01211022894
    Home phone : +203 5025414

    References available on request

    It’s a great honor to join your staff.


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