Italian Music in Dubai

The high-level music in Dubai and the UAE is always appreciated: numerous concerts every week – in particularly at Yas Marina, where the Grand Prix of Formula 1 takes place also. Italian music has been featured on stage of Dubai, less than a year ago, under the supervision of the Italian Embassy in Abu Dhabi, evidence that in the general cultural landscape of the Emirates, the initiatives madeys valued.
On the evening of Thursday, November 17, 2011 nearly eight hundred people gathered on the terrace of a popular hotel to listen to the notes of Italian musician Nicola Conte appreciated composer and DJ set inspired by the contemporary Italian music of the sixties and seventies. Its peculiarity lies in the ability to model their insights music combining them with the jazz tradition in general, and the softness of Bossa nova in particular.
On November, 18th 2011 however it was the turn for the Italian opera: at the theater DUCTAC in Dubai three major voices have been exhibited in an adaptation of La Traviata by Giuseppe Verdi. A room full of spectators listened with emotion to the most beautiful arias of Verdi, performed by Italian soprano Monica De Rosa McKay, the U.S. Assay Mark Heller and the Italian baritone Daniel Giulianini. But beyond the ‘concerts, many lounges and clubs are hosting artists enliven the evenings UAE.

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