Italian cuisine in Dubai

Dubai is a lively and cosmopolitan metropolis in the Gulf Area, crossroads of business between East and West, a mix of races, cultures, traditions and even flavours and cuisines. An upcoming EXPO, Italian export products are constantly growing and Italian restaurants offer the best Italian cuisine. In particular, Italian cheese export is experiencing an exponential growth in the UAE, which imports a total of 90% of its food needs.

The import of dairy products made in Italy has increased by 1,600% from 2000 to 2013, with a reported growth of 22% between 2013-14. Fresh cheeses, such as “burrata” and “mozzarella”, are the most requested ones followed by hard cheeses like Parmigiano Reggiano and Grana.
Italian exports of goods and services will be driven by higher world demand and will increase in value by 6.9% a year until 2019, according to the most recent estimates.

Dubai has different refined restaurants with gourmet and high class cuisine, but also there are places where the attention to make you feel at home, is maximum and where dishes are cooked in a genuine, simple but with great quality.
You can find, for instance, the most common and very well know dishes such as pizza and lasagne, but also some genuine and real specialties of the Italian traditional cuisine like “orecchiette con le cime di rapa” (pasta with turnip tops) or “pasta patate e provola” (pasta with potatoes and provola).

Prices, are in line with the standard of living in Dubai and with a particular attention to the selection of the raw material and ingredients.
Italian goods are very well known all over the world for their quality and this is an important element.  The quality of the raw materials is fundamental and is also the basis of the philosophy of Matteo Bissanti, chef of Cucina Mia Restaurant located in Dubai Marina. We have met him recently and he has given us some considerations about the Italian Cuisine nowadays and the old time traditions:

“Many recipes of the Italian Cuisine require few basic ingredients, therefore in order to prepare a successful dish it is important to be able to match and select high quality products”.

“During the past twenty years, different schools have been opened in Dubai where they teach how to prepare a good pizza, therefore the level is quite enough good everywhere. My pizza has in particular the property to be high digestible, with 80-90% of hydration and with natural leavening and long maturation of 100 hours.
The recipes and the dishes of the Italian cuisine, have been written by our grand-mothers and not by famous chefs, therefore are born with little simple ingredients mixed with a lot of passion and love”.

Passion and love are still the pillars of Italian cuisine, which make it the most appreciated in the world.


Orecchiette-con -cime-di-rape

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