Inflight Dubai’s ‘Dynamic 4 way (D4W)’ team

Inflight Dubai's 'Dynamic 4 way (D4W)' team in action Team Skynamic is Inflight Dubai’s ‘Dynamic 4 way (D4W)’ team. The role of the team is to represent Inflight Dubai in D4W competitions around the world, promoting the wind tunnel, indoor skydiving and the sport, and helping to host a competition here in Dubai maybe early next year.

What is D4W?

D4W is a new competition format designed for wind tunnels, consisting of 4 flyers per team competing in two types of rounds:

– Speed rounds involving set moves that the team has to perform as quickly as possible; the team will be judged on accuracy and speed.

– Free rounds during which the team has the chance to perform creative routines for 90 seconds. There are no rules to what can go in to a free round so its really up to the team. The free round is judged on technical difficulty, originality and execution.

Following a creative burst, sparked by a group of flying individuals around the world, D4W is currently being developed as a new discipline within skydiving and wind tunnel flying. D4W can best be described as a competition concept where 4 flyers express themselves creatively and artistically by flying.

The first competition organized by this group of people, the Battle of Bottrop, was held in Bottrop Germany on the 20th December 2012.

Team members:

Simon Whittle, 29 British
Background; Tunnel instructor and trainer for 3 years competed in Dynamic competion December 2013

Dani Roman 23 Spanish
Background; AFF instructor, been a tunnel instructor for a year and a half

Ryan Dudderidge 28 Australian
Background; AFF instructor been a tunnel instructor for 4 months

Matt Munting 27 Australian
Background; Fun Jumper and has been an instructor for a year and a half

The team will be competing in “world war XP” which is a D4W competition help in ‘Paraclete XP’, a wind tunnel in North Carolina, on the 10th and 11th of October. They are currently training hard to put in a good showing for their first international competition.

We are trying to bring very original free routine to the competition, taking aspects from all over, mainly you tube and friends! We are called Skynamic because we hope to take some of the moves we learn in to the sky, which will be a lot of fun!

says Simon Whittle

Inflight Dubai's 'Dynamic 4 way (D4W)' team

Inflight Dubai's 'Dynamic 4 way (D4W)' team
Pictures courtesy of MikieD86

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