InFlight Dubai Clash of Champions 2015

InFlight Dubai is hosting an FS, Dynamic, and Best Trick competition this month. Some of the best flyers in the world are coming together in the UAE to take part in an indoor skydiving competition from 25 -28 November 2015, The event will mark the inauguration of Clash of Champions, organized by Inflight Dubai with teams of experienced tunnel flyers looking to win a share of the record $200,000 prize money. Cash prizes will be awarded to the top scoring flyer(s) and teams. There will be free meals for all competitors daily.

Dubaiblog has been confirmed for media coverage of this event.

Serious competitors are venturing to InFlight Dubai for an epic event, said the Clash of Champions Meet Director – Iain Scott Macdonald (“Freddy”) who gave welcome to all members of teams who will be all battling it out for huge cash prizes!

Rules for Event Participation: Everyone who participates ought to come familiar with the Clash of Champions Rules to know what to expect in the competition.

The FS Matches: Formation skydiving FS4/8-way discipline and contest that has a total of all rounds (A – 10 rounds/AA – 10 rounds/AAA – 10 rounds) completed is used to determine the final placing of teams.

Dynamic 2-way/4-way Open Contests: The D2W and D4W free rounds; 5 dynamic speed rounds (total 9 rounds) in the flight chamber are recorded and judged using the scoring system, just like the FS category. The entry fee is 550 USD per team per event (D2W/D4W).

Best Trick Challenges: one round – three tricks. To enter this competition, individuals must already be competing in a FS and/or Dynamic category. The entry fee is 150 USD per individual.

Surprise Competition: Also, to enter this competition, individuals must already be competing in a FS and/or Dynamic category. The entry fee is 150 USD per individual.

Note: All entrants should be experienced tunnel flyers. However, allotted training time will be available prior to each of the trails for registered competitors.

Online Registration: Those that will be participating need to know entry will close approximately one week before the competition start date (dependent on numbers). Therefore, ensure that your team registers in plenty of time to confirm bookings. To apply, one must fill out the online registration (Click Here). Entry fees must be paid at the time of application via the online payment form.

Check-In: For competitors at Inflight Dubai, it will open on 18 November and will close on 24 November at 6 pm.

Again, Inflight Dubai is hosting four disciplines: Formation Skydiving, Dynamic, Best Trick and Surprise Competition –all happening Inflight Dubai 16.5’, Margham, Dubai, UAE late November.

Competition Dates: Either one-day or 4-days of schedule event contests from 25-28 of November.

Be sure to sign up to participate today! The event is open to team members of any nationality and gender.

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InFlight Dubai Clash of Champions 2015

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