In Old Dubai to discover the local food street

DubaiBlog has recently gone on a nice tour in Old Dubai to discover the local food street.
The trip proposed is with a bike and starts from Bur Dubai, by taking an Abra the traditional boat to cross Dubai Creek to reach the opposite side Deira.
Shortly afterwards we reached the other part, dropped at a kiosk selling various ice creams made of Camel milk.

They have a particular flavour, different from the traditional ones. In Dubai Mall, you can also get ice creams, biscuits, cappuccino made of camel milk. The Mango ice cream we ordered had an intense yellow colour that let us think it is not really homemade, but it was good and we found it tasty anyhow!
We arrived at Dubai Spice Souk market, with the bike and we were admired the stalls exhibiting nice oriental spices such as turmeric, ginger, and also some dried fruits like, dates, apricots. We entered a shop where we could taste different items and we bought dates from Iran, which are considered superior and some chocolates made of camel milk.

We headed off to Dubai Gold Souk where we could see luxurious jewels 24 carats and finally we had a rest somewhere where we enjoyed something to eat. We have known this place for fifteen years and the food and drinks are really good. It used to be a small kiosk and nowadays has become bigger and it is possible to sit outside where some sheltered tables and chairs are available. The menu is varied, there are a lot of fresh fruit juices (banana, pineapple, mango strawberry) and natural homemade mixed drinks. Prices range from 8.5 to 16 AED, depending from the type. There is plenty of soft drinks sold at 3 AED and also bottled water, the cost of which is 1AED for the small one and 2 AED for the big one.

The kiosk offers a wide range of sandwiches at the price of 4.5 AED (nearly one euro). In the Arab world there are plenty of street cafés selling fresh homemade juices. Being are small cafés, it is very easy to socialize with people sitting close to you. The middle east rolled sandwich, called Shawarma, costs 16AED and is made of chicken meat. Under request you can get the hot spicy one.

We ordered a delicious chicken shawarma served with some pickles and a mango juice, which is really one of the best in this little kiosk. We paid 30 AED, nearly 7 euro.
Then we went for a long bike ride along the narrow street of Deira. Finally, we had a sandwich in the afternoon. It is not a simple one. In fact, it is a hamburger made of Camel meat, which costs 45 AED. In the Arab countries camels are slaughtered only at the end of their ‘shelf life’. Usually this meat is very tough and need to be marinated and minced, in order to make it tender. It is not very easy to find camel meat.

Then it was the time for a sweet. What we found was Baklawa, a Turkish style delicacy which is spread out in all middle east countries. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find Logheimat, a typical emirati sweet which consists of deep fried dumplings served with date syrup and sesame seeds. But we found Uhm Ali, a classical arab sweet, coming from Egypt. According to a legend, a Pharaoh use to call an Uhm Ali, a cook to prepare this sweet, which is a puff pastry soaked in milk and stuffed with pistachio and other ingredients.
The total cost for the two sweets is 35 AED.

After a coffee, we passed to another small kiosk selling stuffed bread. They serve four different kinds of bread and names change according to the culture they come from (India, Pakistan Arab etc)
We ordered a chapati stuffed with cheese and egg and a mango juice.
All it costs 37 AED.

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