How to stay healthy during the Holy month of ramadan

Holy month of ramadan: sunrise to sunsetFind out how to stay healthy during the Holy month of ramadan, with the tips by Archana Baju, nutritionist for BiteRite.
What happens to the body when you fast?

During the the holy month of ramadan the diet should bit differ very much from the normal one, and should be as simple as possible. It is very important to remember not to feast after the fast, During the fast, the metabolic rate of a person usually slows down to conserve energy. So to avoid excee weight gain, don’t increase your usual calorie intake at the iftar.

Any tips on what to eat before and after fasting?

Before fasting, the suhoor or pre-dawn meal, should be light. Indulge in wholesome meals with proteins to replenish energy during the day. For iftar, or the meal after fasting, dates should be taken with food first for a refreshing burst of energy. Then hydrate with fluids, especially water, rather than bottled juices or sugary fizzy drinks. Plan your meals, so that they include whole grains, lean protein and lots of fruits and vegetables. Whole grain products contain complex carbohydrates, which release energy slowly during the long hours of fasting.

Do you have any special recommendations for people fasting with medical conditions?

People who suffer from diabetes, hypertension and other medical conditions should strictly consult a general physician before fasting.

What advice do you give fasters for staying hydrated during ramadan?

Hydration is very important during summer and especially for fasters. Between iftar and suhoor they should:

  • drink at least eight glasses of water
  • avoid hot or spicy foods and salty items as they increase thirst
  • don’t include liquids with meals, instead drink in between the meals
  • limit your intake of caffeinated drinks
  • eat fresh fruits and vegetables that are rich in water and fibre


To fully benefit from fasting a person should spare a great deal of thought to the type and quantity of food they will indulge in through the Holy Month. This month is opportunity to have self-control, self-discipline and of course is a way to lead a healty lifestyle.

How to stay healthy during the Holy month of ramadan

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