How is the life of an employee in Dubai?

It is a common belief that Dubai is very costly, and only millionaires can afford to live in this cosmopolitan city. Therefore, DubaiBlog has not contacted an entrepreneur living in a villa and owner of a yacht, but an employee with a common job. We have contacted Benedetta and have asked her what’s life like in Dubai.
We have interviewed Benedetta, a young lady who came to Dubai for a university internship. Benedetta spoke to us saying “My name is Benedetta and I have been living in Dubai for three years. I work in the Italian Chamber of Commerce in the Emirates. I am the Deputy General Secretary, Project Manager. I am Italian from Udine and I am 28 years old.
I came here in Dubai for a University internship which was supposed to last three months but, in the end, it was extended to other three months and after that it became a permanent employment contract. Now I consider Dubai a home to me.
It is not true that in Dubai you need to be a millionaire to live. I am not a millionaire and I can live here with no problems. What I can say, from my personal experience, is that in Dubai salaries are really higher than those in Italy, nearly the double, but the cost of living is proportionally twice. Therefore, wages are adequate to a higher cost of living.
I am not an entrepreneur, but I am simply an employee. Talking about my lifestyle, I can say that with an average salary I can afford a one–bedroom apartment, not a villa in an exclusive area.
I can afford to have a car and go out with friends. I’ve got everything I need, although my salary is not that one of an entrepreneur or a top manager.

At the moment I’m not thinking about going back to Italy, although I love my country which I consider the most beautiful in the world.
Unfortunately, Italy before I left and still now does not give me the certainty to offer me a job and career opportunity as Dubai does. At the moment, Italy is not my priority since it does not meet my need in terms of job opportunity and lifestyle. In case I could not remain anymore in Dubai, I think I will go to Singapore or to the United States being both similar to the life I am used to in Dubai.

From my point of view, Italy and Europe in general look old and the opportunities offered to young people are very few.
The first thing I can say I like about Dubai is the optimism, the idea that the world continues to move forward in a positive light. Unfortunately, this I have not seen in Italy for a long time. My lifestyle in Dubai is absolutely Italian. I have a normal employment. I work 5 days a week from 9.00 am to 06.00 pm. I go out once or twice a week, during the weekend or if there are special events during the week. Dubai offers different possibilities in terms of things to do every days and nights but it is also very easy to get carried away by what is night or fun life.

This can be a negative aspect of Dubai, therefore, you must avoid being dragged because otherwise even a salary of an entrepreneur will not be enough. Dubai offers different opportunities even if at the beginning it could be a difficult place. A friend of mine told me that Dubai is a city full of ‘sharks’, as he called them, and therefore you need to learn how to swim otherwise they will eat you. Everything is not that easy as it can appear. There are a lot of good opportunities but you need to know how to catch them.

I can say that I have been very lucky to have transferred my lifestyle in Dubai, therefore I have not been dragged into the life, the excess, the expensive restaurants every night, parties etc.
Dubai gives you the chance to meet very good people coming from all over the world, young guys of my age who are very far away from their families who have great jobs and work lots of hours every day and are very proud of it.

The advice I want to give to those who intend to live and work in Dubai as an employee, is that salaries are higher but life is very expensive. Therefore, don’t take for granted that you can have a higher standard of living. I arrived in Dubai at the right moment and I didn’t let the opportunity slip by. I have been very committed in what I do since the opportunity in Dubai can happen only once in a lifetime. I was assistant project manager and I became project manager, after one year I became Vice Secretary General”.

We asked her: Would you have been able to live with the salary of an intern? Benedetta answered: “No, no way. My family invested in order to be able to support me here”.



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    Nice view of an individual but different people may have their own stories .


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