Heavy rain in Dubai…!

Heavy rain in Dubai...! Bad weather in Dubai! Bad weather in Dubai! A heavy rain hit the emirate of Dubai last night. After a day characterized by a cold climate and an annoying wind, an incredible and sudden rain surprised the population.

The climate in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates is becoming very unpredictable, the rains are not a rare event now, more and more often the temperature is not properly typical of the desert …

Many travellers and for sure all the residents remember the storms occurred in July 2012, a symptom of the change in the Guld and Emirati climate.

In Dubai, the rain is falling on a frequent basis in last days, even if the sudden deluge of last night seemed at least anomalous. A few days ago many people were on the beach, while ten days ago it was again struggling with heavy rain.

The temperature of Dubai and the UAE are very high during the summer, with a extremely highhumidity (on average 60%), making the air unbreathable.

The climate is usually very hot and humid, characterized by very low rainfall and concentrated mostly in the first three months of the year.

Being the United Arab Emirates located in a desert area, population and infrastructure are not prepared for the rain: so the rain of last period brought flooding and other inconveniences.

But it ‘s also possible to attend then, to real dances celebrating this event, culturally rare. is it also a sign of the end of the world foretold by the Maya?

We do not know, but instead may be a good start for those willing to open a factory or distribution of umbrellas ….

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