Hatta Mountain Safari – a beautiful tour in Dubai

Hatta a town (which includes a reconstructed heritage village having the same name) in the rocky Hatta Mountains.

Because of its altitude, Hatta has a milder climate than the city of Dubai, making Hatta a popular vacation place for Dubai residents, in particular during hottest months.


Our driver:


Tour starts with a small tour in the desert.

A little accident… we had to change the wheel in the desert. Nothing serious thanks to our expert driver.


After desert, Hatta tour takes us to Hatta highway which takes us to Oman for about 45 minutes.


A stop at the Market, where find freshly plucked local fruits and vegetables in addition to souvenir, pots and carpets.

After that, we go straight to Hatta Heritage Village passing by green field, small villages and red dunes. The Hatta Heritage Village, opened to the public in February 2001 after careful and extensive renovation (they used the same materials as those used when originally built such as mud, hay, sandalwood and palm fronds), represents a fine example of the Heritage of Dubai and the United Arab Emirates. Situated 115km southeast of Dubai city in the heart of the rocky Hatta Mountains, it provides the visitor with a fascinating glimpse into Dubai’s historical past.

The old village of Hatta includes two prominent military towers, known as the “two stones”. The two towers overlooking the village,  were used as defense fortresses against invaders. Today, the Hatta Heritage Village has become an important historical site for tourists. The reconstructed heritage village displays scenes from everyday life in the past.

The history of the village can be traced back to 2000 – 3000 years. It consists of 30 buildings, each differing in size, interior layout and building materials used.
Finally the expected moment: a dive in the hatta pool…


The last stop will be in Hatta Fort Hotel payable against consumption, where you can use the Hotel facilities like going in for a dip in the pool.


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