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Dubai is a city that prides itself on Art Creativity and Photography Ingenuity. To date, there has been a growing art scene coming from local and regional artists that has helped transform the perception of Dubai in recent time and has actively encouraged artistic development.

Some of the best art galleries are found here. New exhibitions of paintings, photography, and more are being showcased throughout the year.

Art Dubai, for one, is home to some of the Arab world’s most celebrated artists. It has become a cornerstone of the region’s fast-growing contemporary arts community.

The visual art scene in Dubai is very dynamic, high-tech and progressive in nature. Aside from the Street Art in Dubai that make walls more colorful and the presence of artwork on canvas by artists hosted at various gallery displays, there are also a good number of studios. In essence, the city has been a hub of uninterrupted art activity! From the creation of contemporary visual art to digital photography demonstrations.

This week Dubai calls for all photography enthusiasts and art lovers to Gulf Photo Plus (GPP). GPP is the heart of the Middle East’s photography community and celebrates arts through community-led cultural initiatives. Big events are often held here.

Those who are ready to explore the art of photography can have their artistic vision put to the test at any of the workshops held by Gulf Photo Plus (GPP). The event offers hands-on workshops that will help participants take their photography to the next level. Classes target both upcoming and established photographers.

The GPP photography organization promotes and develops the art and science of photography through competitions, exhibitions and initiatives. It exists to inform, educate and inspire people across the region in the field. In essence, GPP does everything with photography and has a platform for photographers to exhibit and sell their work.

At present, there is an exhibition of photographs titled “HER” by French-Italian photographer Matilde Gattoni. The event ends October 31 2015. The gallery hours are Sunday through Thursday 10am to 7pm, as well as on Saturday from 10am to 6pm. Address: Alserkal Avenue, – Unit D36 – 8 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates, Phone: +971 4 380 8545. Website:

Alserkal Avenue is the region’s foremost arts hub, bringing together those interested in the trade to its creative warehouse spaces that house numerous galleries. Such a place is exhibiting new shows and artists, often.

Attendees will find established artists exhibiting limited edition artwork pieces or photography prints that are affordable.

GPP has also opened its space to host a free market day event to bring the photography community together to buy & sell their gear. It is a great opportunity for buyers to find a bargain or make some money as one of the sellers. Market Day attendees will enjoy both the clearance sales and special offers—up to 20% off selected products. Do not miss it!

Gulf Photo Plus MarketPlace one day event is being held Saturday, October 24th, 5-7pm at the GPP space in Alserkal avenue. This is a FREE to attend event. The doors will open for sellers at 4:45pm. For any further enquiries, do send them an email at

Gulf Photo Plus MarketPlace is Today

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