Green Community Dubai

Green Community DubaiThe Green Community in Dubai is a quality development, located off the Emirates Road 311 highway, a little back from the main areas of new city and very close to Jebel Ali.

This area – inside the Dubai Investment Park – is very popular due to its secluded and quiet surroundings, with a large Marriot Hotel, a Fitness First gymnasium center, a dive center, shopping mall, mosques, office towers, residential towers, family bungalows and large two-storey mansions.

Green Community aims to provide a way of life within a working and living secure community which encompasses landscaped gardens, peace and tranquility. It is relatively traffic free environment, but when you have to go out of the community to reach the main road: cause only 2 exits are at the moment available, in some peak hours you can take 5 – 15 minutes to drive 1 km road; or – especially in the morning – you can find traffic when going in direction of Jebel Ali, cause of lots of trucks going into the same direction.

Many parts of the Green Community are still under construction. And some of them seem to be suspended. But completed facilities and services work pretty well.

Green Community is located within the environmentally clean, self supporting development of the Dubai Investments Park. The Park is a multi-phased project, which is being developed at a total cost of AED 1.5 billion and has a total land area of 3,200 hectares. The Park is a mixed use business, industrial, residential and recreational development offering investors pre-serviced sites, world class infrastructure, state-of-the-art facilities and quality services for academic, housing, manufacturing, research, distribution and logistics purposes.

Green Community is developed by Properties Investment LLC, a joint venture company between Union Properties PJSC and Dubai Investments PJSC.

Dubai Investments Park Development Company LLC, a subsidiary of Dubai Investments, came into existence with a mission to operate and manage a self-contained and comprehensively planned business complex, offering investors a range of quality services and amenities unique to the Gulf.


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