Google Think Travel Event at the Arabian Travel Market 2013

Google Think Travel Event at the Arabian Travel Market 2013Google Think Travel Event was an invite only program – held during the Arabian Travel Market 2013 at the Dubai World Trade Center – to discover the latest travel industry trends and digital innovations, essential for business leaders.

A 3 hours seminar, with contributes by people of the Google team. Not only statistics, but considerations, news, useful idea.. in one word:


how consumers are finding, interacting with, and feeling about your brand on linebrand advertisers and online salesmen need more meaningful parameters to learn what is working.

should we really consider nowadays online vs offline? or we are all always on line..? even while eating or doing other? Television no longer commands our full attention 77% of viewers watch TV with another device in hand. In many cases people search on their devices, inspired by what they see on TV. So we have no more to consider if a customer is online or not, but how many times is switching from one device to the other, how many times is looking at his smartphone, and so on.

should the web content be adapted for many devices, or we have to consider a multi-devices content? 90% of people use multiple devices to accomplish a goal, 43% use devices sequentially when planning a trip . Probably they start making a research with a smartphone or tablet while waiting a train, but then they finalize from a desktop (for safety reason, cause they feel more comfortable in using a credit card from a “safe connection” or other). 

if the Ipad is a real mobile device, why 80% of the people use it at home? why some tablets are so small as a smartphones and so smartphones are so big as tables? which difference there is between a tablet with a keyboard and a netbook? and so on…

The Google Think Travel Event – which took place at the Technology Theatre – revealed also results of a special Google-commissioned IPSOS survey into the internet travel habits of both business and leisure travellers. Google and IPSOS are the latest to try and get a handle on the new, more elusive mobile consumer. In a piece of research released earlier this week, Google and IPSOS reported that 90 percent of consumers now move “sequentially” between different screens the same day. In particular during the event they have been considered data of KSA and UAE.

The last iterations of Google Hotel Finder and Flight Search were also unveiled directly by the product managers in charge for those projects.

The event has been introduced by Marie De Ducla, Travel Industry Manager for Google in MENA.

I do thank you all the Google staff and the organizers for the kind invitation and for the inspiration. I hope to bring my job at a higher value after today.

Google Think Travel Event at the Arabian Travel Market 2013



15.00 – 15.30 – Opening Address

  • Introduction & overview of the MENA Market. Sharing the findings of the Goolge-commisioned research study conducted by IPSOS and revealling how travellers in MENA make decisions when it comes to travel and purchase behavior.

    Mohamad Mourad, Regional Manager Gulf, Google
    Marie de Ducla, Industry Head, Travel – Gulf, Google

15.30 – 15.50  – UK Focus

  • The UK Travel Market is the largest feeder market for MENA region. Discover user behaviours, online user trends and key facts to help you tap into this important market.

    Nigel Huddleston, Industry Head, Travel, Google

15.50 – 16.20 – Worldwide Vision

  • The Google perspective on worldwide trends in the travel industry and how to stay aheadSpeaker: Dr Bernd Fauser, Global Head of Travel Top Accounts at Google

16.20 – 16.35 – Break

16.35 – 16.55 – Product Demo

  • Discover the latest google product as they demo their new flight search and hotel finder online tool.Speaker: Maciek Nowakowski, Product Manager for Google Hotel Finder, Google

16.55 – 17.15 – Mobile Focus

  • Is mobile the future for travel marketing? Find outthe full value of mobile for the industry with Google’s Edouard Mailfait.
  • Case Study: Cleartrip.Speaker: Edouard Mailfait, Top Account Mobile Lead, Google
    Subramanya Sharma, CMO, Cleartrip

17.15 – 17.45 – Social Branding Online

  • Building your brand online to engage travelers in their world.Speaker: Alfonso de Gaetano,Industry Head – Gulf Region, Google

17.45 – 18.00 – Closing Address

  • Marie de Ducla



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