Gluten free pizza in Dubai

Gluten free pizza in DubaiGluten-free food is normally seen as a diet for celiac disease, but people with a gluten allergy (an unrelated disease) should also avoid all other grains. Restaurants with gluten-free menus obviously recognize the importance of providing such a service, but those who are gluten-sensitive always must aware that the variety of procedures used in kitchens and grills may allow cross contamination to occur. This especially is the case in kitchens where utensils typically are used in different food bowls or – for example – when a knife has been put on a table with bread crumbs, and then is used to cut the tomatoes that will end up on our gluten-free pizza. Or picking vegetables from a previously contaminated jar. And so on.

Many restaurants do not offer the gluten-free products just because the place can be contaminated by flour or bread crumbs or dishes, not dedicated to customers affected by celiac disease: it’s not only question of products, you have also to consider procedures.
Offering a full gluten-free menu requires – if not a kitchen – a dedicated line of equipment and a lot of attention: for example, you can bake gluten-free pizza in the oven used for other pizzas, only leaving the pizza gluten free in its container. The heat in the oven will not “kill all the germs”: this is not a bacteria, but a protein that can easily contaminate the food (sometimes they told us also that…).

In Dubai I was finally able to eat a delicious gluten-free pizza, at the restaurant 800 PIZZA in Dubai Marina Walk. The pizzas have a very thin crust and slightly burnt because they are baked in a wood-burning oven, while keeping the product pristine, and it is a rarity for those who are used to eat pizzas bought at the pharmacy!
In fact, yesterday, after a quiet walk in marina walk, we sat down with my partner in this pizzeria.
I was ready to order my usual salad, but – opening the menu – I saw that, except for some appetizers, I could order everything: gluten-free pasta, risotto, meat and fish and every kind of pizza with salami, seafood, vegetables and – for those who are intolerant to milk and cheese – a pizza with only traditional tomato sauce, having so a soft dough. You can also have as desser a gluten-free pizza with ricotta and nutella or nutella and pine nuts … a delight, especially for someone, like me, who never ate it before!

Even my partner (particularly hungry after his workout) tried the gluten-free pizza, and found it very good, higher than the average gluten-free pizzas tasted in Italy. You can find 800PIZZA restaurants at

Dubai Marina Walk 
Marina Hotel Apartments
Between the two Trident Towers
Dubai Marina Walk
Dubai, UAE

Abdullah Meheiri Building
Beside the Holiday Inn hotel
Al Barsha, Sheikh Zayed Road
Dubai, UAE

Kijacl Motors buildin
Beside the cartdrome
Dubai, UAE

Opposite the Al Manzil hotel
Dubai, UAE

Ibn Battuta Mall
Dubai, UAE

Hotline: 800-74992 (PIZZA) For pizza Delivery in Dubai


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