GITEX Technology Brings ICT Knowledge to Dubai

GITEX Technology Brings ICT Knowledge to DubaiThe much anticipated ICT trade event, which travels across the Middle East, Africa and South Asia, has recently come to Dubai (from October 12-16) and attracted a crowd at the World Trade Centre eager to hear professionals speak about using information and communication technology (ICT). This annual event has been running for over 30 years.

The event gathered over 120 renowned ICT experts to discuss critical topics of today’s hottest global technology trends. Participants had the chance to explore also technology solutions presented by more than 3,500 companies. Amongst the sponsors was Dubai Internet City (DIC), which is the Middle East and North Africa’s largest ICT hub.

The venue, which was open to a diverse audience (i.e., General Public, Professionals, Retailers & Corporations, Trade Professionals), was held to make everyone familiar with the activities of the Development of Computerization in ICT fields and with the importance of ICT use in Dubai and elsewhere.

As part of the weeklong event, a range of ICT topics was discussed, including developments across four knowledge themes: Smart, Cloud, Big Data and Mobility.

Those that attended had the opportunity to meet representatives of top technology brands from around the world. They also received in-depth knowledge of what was to come in the future of ICT, with insightful analysis by over 1,500 business decision makers in the sector.

Those that missed the event have the option to ‘Download the free GITEX app’ today. The app is designed to enhance the experience of the attendee before, during and after the show, by putting the information (such as event schedule, agenda, exhibitor listings, and so on) at their fingertips.

GITEX continually identifies the achievements that have been attained in the ICT sector, worldwide. The event is sure to spur investments to facilitate continued ICT progressions in each country the conferences take place.

This week marked one of the largest trading events in UAE with GITEX Technology Week in Dubai. The event served as a gateway for global brands to access the area (one of the fastest emerging investors-ready places for the ICT market) and for the public to hear of future prospects and notable innovative methods applied in the industry.

GITEX Technology Brings ICT Knowledge to Dubai

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