GITEX 2016 – Home of the latest ICT innovations

Coming soon is GITEX Technology Week, the region’s largest ICT event that focuses on the Middle East’s Information and Communications Technology (ICT) sector. Embracing the digital transformation are many regional companies across the show’s four knowledge themes: smart, cloud, big data and mobility.

The 36th GITEX Technology Week will be held at the Dubai World Trade Center from 16 – 20 October. People will come together to share transformational developments, opportunities and challenges facing the region’s ICT progressions. Many tech solutions in the ICT sector will be on the showroom floor. This is a great occasion to come across innovations most relevant to your industry with a series of live product demonstrations of technologies that are transforming the way people do business affected by the future, such as with Payment Technology, Smart Technology, Cloud and IoT Enabling Services, to name a few.

GITEX is set to host the most global startup movement in Dubai that works towards a sustainable knowledge-based economy. At GITEX, in fact, “400 Startups get the opportunity to Showcase their businesses to the industry’s leading tech companies…”

GITEX Technology Week in Dubai is an annual event. Each year, it gathers renowned ICT experts to discuss critical topics of today’s hottest global technology trends. Nowhere else can one learn so much about today’s cutting edge technologies and experiences in one easy to access place as well as be able to establish connections with world leading industry experts, influencers, tech leaders, senior decision makers, investors, buyers, technology partners to share transformational developments in education, healthcare, in retail and beyond.

Why attend?

  • Encounter Extraordinary Tech Speakers
  • Come across Emerging Trends
  • Expand Your Network

Who will visit? CEOs, CIOs, CTOs, COOs, Head of Logistics, Head of Sales & Marketing Executives.

Sneak Preview of GITEX: The show for 2016 is designed to give attendees the knowledge they need to come familiar with the sectors developing smart city technology, and become aware of energy consumption and reduce energy usage, plus much more. It will offer a closer look at smart collaboration technology, best practices and processes.

There will be free-to-attend seminar sessions and dedicated conference for those who are early adopters of Social & Digital marketing, Industrial Mobility and Augmented Reality. Learn of the Current State of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to make sense of data.

Guest speakers will talk about advancing trends and topics that are transforming the future of the regional and global ICT industry. What’s more, participants will hear about the threats of emerging technologies to security, consumer data breaches and privacy concerns. There are to be discussions on how to avoid the same fate.

A must-attend event—why come?

  • To understand the challenges using emerging technology while driving business forward in an ever-changing marketplace.
  • To find out what lies ahead for the future of marketing. For all marketing related queries, contact
  • To learn of tips and tricks of the latest digital and ad tech solutions to make an impact for your business.
  • To know of continued ICT progressions and hear of future prospects and notable innovative methods applied in the industry. “The regional ICT market set to jump from a projected US$15bn in 2014 to US$20bn in 2020,” according to market intelligence firm IDC.
  • To discover advances in wearables—a market that is predicted to reach $9 billion potential by 2018.
  • To realize Smart Technology Adoption—a market that will reach 3.3 trillion by 2025, with nearly half of the world’s 26 Smart Cities arising in emerging markets such as the Middle East, mentioned
  • To come to know of ways in embracing drone technology—a market set to reach $4.5 Billion by 2023.

With so much to be heard, why not be a part of the GITEX; GITEX 2016 Registration is requested. “Participation in this event gives you access to 146,000 professionals with real buying power and in 2016, GITEX is growing,” say the organizers. For more info, visit

GITEX 2016 – Home of the latest ICT innovations

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