Get Fit and Have Fun Dancing in Dubai

Get Fit and Have Fun Dancing in DubaiThose not fond of exercising can find dancing a way to have fun while getting fit. Fitness researches say dancing can give a great mind-body workout, as it involves a sequence of dance steps and movements. Playing music inspires people to move their bodies in keeping up with the beat or tempo.

For many, dancing can build endurance and improve stamina, balance, quickness, flexibility, and core body strength. These extra benefits can change someone’s whole way of looking at life. Dancing is an activity that benefits physical and psychological health for people of any age. This is one big reason why people become addicted to dance, along with these reasons:

• It builds the mind and body, health experts say
• It is helpful to lose weight and get fit in an enjoyable way
• It is useful to reduce stress and tension
• It is effective to strengthen bones and muscles without hurting the body’s joints

Dancing does not always need to involve a partner since there are several local recreation centers that have classes for solo dancers. A few of those venues are mentioned next.

BODYJAM is an exercise program that combines the latest dance and music styles; it offers the ultimate dance cardio for participants to have fun while breaking a sweat. All you need is a basic sense of rhythm and coordination. Dance classes are led by energetic and highly qualified fitness instructors. Classes are held at Dubai Ladies Club, Dh50 per session, Dh500 for 12. Call 04-3499922; visit

SH’BAM is a fun, addictive, Latin-inspired dance workout with classes held at Dubai Ladies Club, open daily from 07:00 to 22:00 (women only). For membership, call +971 4 349 9922 or email Other group fitness classes at the facility include a Zumba class, a high calorie-burning dance fitness program, and belly dancing classes that are led by a trained instructor and is typically accompanied by music. This type of dance is said to increase your flexibility and help tone your thighs, stomach and back. For more information, contact The Wellness Centre on +971 4 3499922 Ext: 200 or email

Salsa Dance in Dubai – Ritmo de Havana – With salsa, the tempo is faster than most other forms of dance music, says Del Piero Olokun who is the leading Salsa instructor in Dubai and teaches the rhythmical beats of Salsa percussion. Del Piero’s classes are held at Ductac, Mall of the Emirates. It is priced at Dh800 for a package of 12 classes; call 050-6963520.

With the number of dance fitness classes available in Dubai (and throughout the UAE), for every dance style imaginable, you really have no excuse not to give it a try. Depending on how vigorously you dance and how regularly you do it, you can stay in shape and have recognized health benefits that are certain to put a smile on your face!

As you work up a sweat, just remember that with a bit of encouragement and practice anyone has the chance to develop his or her dance skills. If you are committed to doing it, dancing can be a great way to tone up, sculpt your body, burn fat and have fun. So turn up the volume and dance! No experience required. However, wannabe dancers should consult their doctors first, especially if they have any health problems.

Get Fit and Have Fun Dancing in Dubai

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