Free Dental Check Up for EDA members

Diving Dentistry in the UAE.September 2015: DENTAL HEALTH MONTH

Regular visits to the dentist should be a priority on a diver’s agenda. Any type of bubble or air space inside your body can cause pain and even physical trauma while diving. Some types of dental work, particularly root canals with temporary caps or crowns covering unfinished work, are not compatible with diving at all. As you ascend and air pressure increases inside your tooth or teeth, your dental work could literally explode inside your mouth, causing injury or accidental inhalation or swallow of portions of the dental structure.

Dr. Matteo Bignamini, dental surgeon and owner of The Dental Center in cooperation with the Emirates Diving Association is offering 

FREE DENTAL CHECK UP to ALL Emirates Diving Association Members
valid only at The Dental Center by presenting a valid EDA subscription / card

Dubai Healthcare City
Al Razi Building 64, Block F 4019
PO Box 505006, Dubai, UAE

The Dental Center - Dubai, phone Phone: + 971 4 375 21 75
The Dental Center - Dubai, phone Mobile: + 971 050 241 20 62
The Dental Center - Dubai, fax Fax:  +971 4 429 84 83
The Dental Center - Dubai, email

Emirates Diving Association is a non-profit voluntary federal organization and is accredited by UNEP as an International Environmental Organization. The mission: to conserve, protect and restore the UAE marine resources by empathizing and promoting the marine environment and environmental diving.

Emirates Diving Association (EDA) was established by Federal Decree No. (23) Under Article No. (21) on 23/02/1995 and chose Dubai as its base.

DENTAL HEALTH MONTH: Visitin a Scuba Diver

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