Fashion Networking Event by Fashion Process

Fashion Networking Event by Fashion Process in Societe JumeirahIf you are keen on the world of fashion and media in Dubai, you may be interested in the Fashion Networking Event by Fashion Process at Societe Jumeirah Capitol Hotel, Al Mina Road, Dubai this Friday, March 20 at 7:00pm. This meet-up is part of an initial creative networking group with Mona #Mona_MDD (Bareface – Talent of the Month) as organizer of the event. She invites all to the first #CreativeNightsDubai by #FashionProcess.

As a prior auditor, Mona opted to go to Dubai to make a career change and began working as a model and actress, blogger and fashion PR; most recently, she started the online magazine called FASHIONPROCESS.COM. The site covers all the aspects of ‘behind the scenes of fashion’, concentrating specifically on the Dubai market.

Mona aims at holding creative workshops to ‘Entertain, Educate, Engage & Empower’ other creative people living and working in Dubai; the goal is to organize regular meet ups (at live events & gatherings) to discuss common goals and interests. Presently, she is also organizing workshops and presenting classes and tutorials for those new to the field.

Whether one is a designer, photographer, videographer, stylist, blogger, makeup artist, model or a representative of any other creative profession working in Dubai, Mona has come up with CREATIVE MORNINGS as a great way to learn and connect with the team at FASHION PROCESS on different topics. It is an opportunity to create new amazing projects and/or have industry professionals have the means to collaborate with each other to achieve their aspirations. Mona asks those interested to join the events and register on the related MeetUp group!

The FASHION PROCESS (online magazine & creative workshops) provides a meet-up platform for people to tell a little bit about their skills, promote their business, and pool resources. Friday’s event will include networking, fun team-building games and activities, great music (from the 80s and 90s) and some free drinks.

To register for the event, RSVP today. Those that cannot make it @societejumeirah (Capitol Hotel) and have already registered are asked to notify Mona by email at, or contact her via or @Mona_mdd Instagram.

Fashion Networking Event by Fashion Process in Societe Jumeirah

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