Expatriates in UAE: Americans in Dubai

The United Arab Emirates’ National Bureau of Statistics estimates, based on census data, that immigrants make up as much as 85% of the total population. The demographics of the UAE are extremely diverse. Most of the immigrants settled in the country prior to UAE’s independence.

For a detailed breakdown by nationality of UAE Population & Demography see dsc.gov.ae for Dubai and scad.ae for Abu Dhabi.

Dubai is “The Preferred Place to Live, Work & Visit.” (Source: dubaiplan2021.ae). The second-largest state in the UAE is the most important expat destination. It has grown at an extremely rapid pace as compared to the other cities that make up the UAE. Dubai has over 2.5 million people. United States citizens form one of the largest Western expatriate communities in the UAE. As many as 50,000 Americans are said to be living in the country (as of 2015 statistics) with around 3,500 American military personnel stationed at the Al Dhafra Air Base in Abu Dhabi. Yet, the majority of U.S. citizens are based in Dubai.

The United States has an embassy in Abu Dhabi and a consulate-general in Dubai which provide services to American citizens, such as get a tourist passport and immigration information, or to obtain a UAE residence visa which is needed prior to entry to the country. (Source: travel.state.gov – for foreign travel advice)

American Expats in Dubai numbers (expats and business organizations): There are said to be over 9,000 in Dubai with a significant number of unaccounted presences since plenty of Americans don’t register with the embassy or consulate.

What is expat life in Dubai like? Americans who have made the move enjoy a high standard of living thanks to a mix of culture and modernity. American Expats in Dubai come often for the lure of living a ‘tax-free’ life or setup an enterprise for foreign investment with lots of opportunities to prosper.

Settling-in Tips for Americans in Dubai: With so many expats already settled in the emirate, would you like to get in touch with the Americans moving living and working in Dubai? If so, discover DubaiBlog.us – the website is specifically designed for a North-American audience and can help you with info on the economy, job search, and a lot more.

Expatriates in UAE: Americans in Dubai

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