Esperia Volley takes part in UAE Women’s Volleyball league

The participation in the UAE Women’s Volleyball league is an important achievement to Esperia Volley.

Finally, the time has come to participate in an official championship, after having taken part in several minor championships which ended with convincing results.

It was only few years ago that Esperia Volley used to be a project, an idea, a dream. Nowadays, is a happy reality thanks to the determination of Emma Limoni and Stefano Giuliani (two Italians living in Dubai and project founders) and to all those who had faith in this project.

The team, founded in 2014, with few girls on training mostly Italian expatriates, takes its name from the old Greek word which means “Italy”. With Esperia the Greeks used to indicate the West lands in general and Italy and later also Spain in particular.

Little by little more female athletes (and also some men) started to join the team, some of who were from different nationalities and might have played in their home country championships.

First sponsors, who believed in the project, also came to join in. At the beginning it was Jeep and, Monviso, and then Ducon Industries came to join at the beginning of this year. The last two sponsors give also the name to the two teams Esperia. DubaiBlog has been the team media partner from the beginning.

The team has also considerably improved at the technical and tactical level. thanks to the perseverance and support of the two coaches (Stefano Giuliani e Moamar Safi). Last year the team won a tournament and came second in a tournament organised by the Emirati Federation.

Nowadays, Esperia is a solid reality having 30 female players and requests to join it are constantly increasing: our team is highly sought-after and athletes want to train with us!

Declares Emma.

The company has decided to participate in the championship with both teams: in this way all 30 players will have the chance to play. There will also be an internal derby during the championship. The two teams have been created according to the trainers’ technical choiche, in such a way to maintain a constant balance.

The stated goal is ambitious: to come first and second in the match.

Would you like to attend the matches? Just have a look at the updated schedule.

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”. (Eleanor Roosevelt)

Up with Esperia!


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