Dubai’s E-bikes – Going Electric for the Environment

One of the countries leading the fight to keep the carbon out of the air is United Arab Emirates with electric vehicles and bikes, as an alternative to fuel autos. The UAE is effectively finding ways to reduce car traffic and air pollution addressing issues related to urban transportation. The goal is to achieve a scenario in which the ratio between petrol cars to electrically powered battery vehicles is in favor of the second.

For some time now, the UAE has looked for ways of revolutionizing the electric car and bicycle market. Lately, emirate cities like Dubai have made it a goal to promote bicycle travel and get more people to consider leaving their automobiles at home. Citizens are encouraged to opt to use a pedal bike or an e-bike system instead that “blends the simplicity and mobility of a traditional bicycle with the speed of a moped or motorized scooter, but without the internal combustion engine,” explains Daniel Cusick and ClimateWire in a Scientific American post entitled “Can E-Bikes Displace Cars?

E-bikes — along with electric cars — not only help to provide cleaner air and reduced greenhouse gas carbon dioxide emissions but also help in relieving urban congestion. Dubai (as well as other emirate cities) have been exploring the idea of electric bikes as an ‘inexpensive mode of transportation’ compared to electric scooters and cars. Though priced more than a traditional pedal power bike, the experience has proved very popular with local cyclists.

Dubai sees a greater potential for mode shift to e-bikes as a form of leisure or travel. Some residents within commuting distance to work have already opted to purchase electric powered e-bikes to run errands. In addition, e-bikes that can go faster (giving the rider a little electric help) are increasingly becoming a popular mode of transport for delivery services.

Though the UAE welcomes the growing enthusiasm for electric cycles, the e-bike users on the road may pose risks to others and even to themselves, so Dubai International City residents are calling for regulations on the use of e-bikes to ensure the safety of all road users, told Gulf News. Meanwhile, the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) is already looking into the matter in terms of safety, use and regularization of such vehicles.

The electric bike has given an enormous boost to the cycling market at the forefront of developing the latest in cutting-edge cycling technology; e-bikes are not much different than ordinary ones with tires and brakes and, in addition, a unique component that includes either the small battery pack or motor engines cleverly hidden inside the frame and saddle. The motor assists the user’s pedaling, and of course, if the battery runs out of power, you can always just pedal!

Clearly, electric bicycles makes riding simpler when going up hills and going through tough terrain; nonetheless, the cycles are more enjoyable for short trips and mild exercise.

With the summer in full swing, now it’s the perfect time to swap your cars for some fun and personal fitness with bicycles with electric power for increased convenience. The electric motor or battery capable bike can allow riders to do more on a bicycle than you ever thought possible, making almost any journey feasible.

For the urban cyclists and light commuters a powerful and efficient electric bike (e-bike) is often a suitable option. This man/machine synergy and the shift to e-bikes can definitely be part of a solution to today’s climate changes and mobility problems. The real benefits are evident, so are the many advantages to having such a bicycle to use.

Dubai's E-bikes– Going Electric for the Environment

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    great news, i ordered a 20″ Mate E-Bike and i was worried it wont be allowed in the UAE as there’s no one to ask. great post// am supper excited.

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