Dubai will have the world’s first hotel with a rainforest

ZAS architects in Dubai are building a first-in-kind, ultra-luxury urban resort destination with its own rainforest. The Rosemont Hotel and Residences will have over 186000 square metre of hotel, residential, and leisure space, an artificial beach and a glass-bottom pool suspended above the streets of Dubai. The hotel is bound to open later this year and will be operated by Hilton Worldwide under its Curio brand.

Rosemont hotel will have a 53 storey twin tower of the same height housing 280 residential properties. All entertainment facilities, including the 7000 square metre rainforest, will be located in the podium at the base of the two towers.
Even the lobby has a rainforest feel to it, being designed with LED screens on its ceiling. Arriving at the hotel is an experience in itself. Artist’s renderings show guests being immediately greeted by dynamic 3D projections which will transform the drop-off point into a rainforest or a huge aquarium. Once they head into the main foyer, visitors will be greeted by robotic luggage handlers.

The main attraction remains the 7000 square metre foot jungle complete with waterfalls, streams, and a sensory rain system which mimics the rainforest climate. If you get tired of exploring the rainforest, you can head to the 26th floor. Swimming in the outdoor pool on the 26th floor won’t be your typical rooftop dip. The 9,14 metre zero-edge pool has a glass bottom that’s lit from below to look like a starry night time sky. Just remember these water safety tips to keep you safe while you swim!
Don’t worry if all this sounds a little too outdoorsy for a city visit. The Rosemont will also have laser tag, trampolines, and a bowling skyline. Connected to the Sky pool is an ultra-luxury spa and health club.

The Hotel Tower is 448-key, 53-stores and conceptualized as a flowing river – the facade’s dynamic lighting enhances its bold architecture. Wrapping the tower, lighting spirals around the podium, shaping the dynamic form. Rosemont five-star Serviced Apartment Tower is representing a shell & pearl, moving lights illuminate the 280-key, 53-stores tower in a pattern inspired by atomic, orbital rings.

Rosemont hotel and Residence

                         Courtesy ZAS Architects Dubai

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