Dubai Sprint UAE: A Sneak Peek into the Event

Dubai Sprint UAE: A Sneak Peek into the EventFriday, February 20 at Jebel Ali Racecourse, Al Barsha, UAE, a sport event unlike any other will bring elite athletes and fitness enthusiasts together in Dubai: the Spartan Race. This is a rapidly growing sport sponsored by Reebok with events held at different locations throughout the world. The competition entails short- or long-distance runs over a set of challenging obstacles. Every Spartan race, however, is different.

The Spartan is no ordinary race as it tests the limits of one’s physical strength and mental fitness; these qualities are surely the force that carries racers over, under, and through the obstacles of the course. Reebok Spartan Races are popular yet unconventional competitions that have come about in recent years. Over the course of just the last few years, these events have attracted thousands of competitors and bystanders.

One of the challenges sponsored by Reebok is the Dubai Sprint UAE event. This obstacle course racing (OCR) series event is supported by Reebok and presented by X Dubai. This type of Spartan Race has competitors with athletic skill rise to the challenge to overcome a short-distance 5+km/20+ obstacle course.

Will participants have what it takes to actually finish one of the Dubai Sprint UAE events? Spartan Race contender will have to have the proper mindset (mental toughness) and have trained themselves physically (through hard work, sweat and perseverance with a variety of fitness trainings); only the fittest will not find it too mentally and physically demanding to overcome any obstacle that is laid out in front of them.

With only days before the Spartan Race on Friday, do plan to register today at! The Dubai Sprint is sure to bring lots of fun for the runners as well as for the spectators. The event is sure to be an unforgettable experience.

For onlookers, there are no costs to check out the excitement or even park a vehicle; however, the price is AED500.00 for adult racers and AED350 for those that enter in Spartan’s Junior Race (4-15 yrs.), which covers up to 1.8 kilometers and includes obstacles so that the kids can also join in the fun. The racing starts at 7:00am, with waves of the partakers taking off in 15-min intervals with the last group to go by 4:00pm.

Each athlete who finished receives a medal and a t-shirt; the top finishers with the best times will receive prizes. There will be a massive festival area at the Spartan Race where food and beverages will be served, as well as music to be enjoyed by all.

Covering the DUBAI SPARTAN SPRINT action other than X Dubai ( and SpartanRace, Inc. ( is DubaiBlog that has brought news about the event and will have its owner and founder Nico de Corato participate in the run and capture eye-catching images of some of competitors on race day.

Dubai Sprint UAE: A Sneak Peek into the Event

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