Dubai Skate Parks: A high-energy activity for outdoor fitness

The skate park culture in the Dubai is impressive. The city, in fact, has venues that every local skater dreams about and still has ongoing skate park projects.

Skateboarding is really a great activity that can help keep kids fit mentally and physically; many communities have built quality public skate parks as part of the investment in the youth and active lifestyles.

The emirate’s newest skate park is the XDubai Skatepark. It is a challenging place for skaters of all levels to develop their skateboarding skills, and it is also a place to have fun and stay physically active. Kite Beach Dubai skate park is a free-to-use public venue that has come available for novices and pro-skaters alike. It has been professionally designed as a community skatepark, which is far safer than kids rolling through busy streets.

Public Skate parks, like that put together by XDubai help to get kids “off the streets” and into a safe place at the Kite beach in Dubai, which is the largest skateboarding park in the UAE. The project within the community has created an attractive environment for the skaters. The site has multiple specifically-tailored skate areas, such as hubbas, pole jams, up-down rails, soft-ended walls, and much more. The biggest attraction within the park is the “XBowl” built specifically for professional-level skaters.

As Nick Webster reported this month in The National,” Extreme sports company XDubai created the 3,100-square-metre beachfront project with the aim of hosting top-class professional competitions, such as the X Games, and also in the hope it will attract new blood into the skating community.”

Ismaeil Al Hashmi, Managing Director of XDubai, commented: “We developed the XDubai Skatepark with a vision to create a dedicated state-of-the-art facility for skateboarders in the emirate and from around the world who come to Dubai.”

The XDubai skatepark stands for action sports enthusiasts. For more information on the XDubai Skatepark, visit the official website at

Other skate parks in Dubai, both indoor and outdoor, are available:

Zoo Skatepark in Al Quoz (developed in 2014) is Dubai’s largest air-conditioned indoor skatepark, brought by Ignite Group, a fitness company, and powered by DC Shoes. It is located at a warehouse and is the ideal venue for skateboards, scooters and rollerblades. There are ramps to suit every level of ability to improve a rider’s skill or technique.

Rage Bowl at Dubai Mall offers a facility to skate in a safe, controlled environment. It’s the ideal place for Skateboarding Lessons! Instructors are available to help those wanting to pull off tricks on a skateboard.

Arabian Ranches Skate Park, Inaugurated in 2013, is another prime location at one of Dubai’s most sought-after residential communities for high-quality family units, developed by Emaar Properties PJSC; in the area, there are retail outlets, cafes and restaurants, plus plenty of open space, bicycle trails and walkways that ensure a certain lifestyle. The new skate park for residents located near the Al Reem 2 gatehouse offers a selection of custom-built ramps, grinding poles and walls, as well as has other street obstacles for skateboarders and BMX enthusiasts; everyone can ride push scooters and use rollerblades to show off their skills and try out new tricks on the half-pipes, drop-in ramps and runs.

The Skate Biladi park at Nad Al Sheba is an art-meets-skate-ramp installation at the Tashkeel art centre that serves as a functioning skateboarding environment. “The Park is perceived as a safe place for the kids to go; it’s become as a hub for the neighborhood youth to partake in something as healthy as skateboarding,” told Bradley Kirr of Skate Biladi and Tashkeel.

The Tashkeel skatepark, a half-pipe park in Al Mamzar, and an indoor bowl in the World Trade Centre run by local skatewear brand Rage are also fun places.

Dubai is a destination for committed skaters of all ages with both indoor and outdoor skate parks. More and more kids and young adults, in fact, are getting involved, effectively increasing the level of the skating community in the UAE. The emirate’s community skateparks are becoming an important destination in the world skating map, and Dubai skate parks are able to attract skateboarding tourists from all over the world.

Playgrounds have been made with accessibility in mind. Action is guaranteed for beginners to hardcore skaters. Those who love skateboarding will appreciate what Dubai has to offer.

Skatepark Etiquette: Use safety gear when riding the skate parks. Since such activities involve inherent risk, it is wise to use a helmet and other protective equipment, such as wrist guards, elbow pads, knee pads, etc. In the UAE, skate parks put safety first. Remember to obey all the rules governing use of the park and learn proper park etiquette.

Dubai Skate Parks: A high-energy activity for outdoor fitness

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