Dubai opens up to innovation and Luxury Management

Dubai as well as the UAE has a long tradition in the oil industry. During the past years the economy has been diversified with investments in all sectors, since oil is expected to finish one day.
The government has a clear and comprehensive vision to diversify its economy and achieve an optimal balance between its various sectors to ensure sustainability and create new business opportunities.

Currently Dubai is pioneering innovation and also investing in education which is a growing sector.
In this view, the Milan Polytechnic Graduate School of Business (MIP) and the Australian University of Wollongong, have partnered to develop new postgraduate programmes in luxury brand management in the Middle East.
With the Middle East representing a big opportunity for luxury brands, this collaboration will take a closer look at the overall management of luxury brands and the influence on emerging luxury markets in Dubai.

The intention is to create programs that offer professionals in the luxury brand industry a distinctive experience and knowledge in the overall management of luxury brands.  The Executive Global Master in Luxury Management is the first course promoted by the two institutions.
This is a 9-week postgraduate program that will begin in spring 2019 and include 5 weeks of course in Dubai, now recognized as one of the main luxury shopping capitals.
The other sessions will take place between Milan, Geneva and Paris.

The Milan Polytechnic Graduate School of Business has been recognized as a prestigious business school for over 30 years, attracting graduates interested in a managerial career in business and in public administration as well as companies wishing to enhance their organisation and strategies.
The University of Wollongong was the first foreign university to open in Dubai and it is the largest foreign university and the prestigious and forward-thinking tertiary institution in the Middle East.
The initiative promoted by the two institutions recognizes the commercial and cultural significance of the luxury market in the Middle East and is expected to be extremely useful for professionals operating not only in fashion, but also in the world of automobiles, boating and jewels.

Dubai has a large base of potential customers, luxury companies and buyers, but it is also a place where experiences are lived and so it is also interesting for people who are not from Dubai. And then from a geographical point of view it is a perfect hub in between Asia and Africa.
The government has announced that 25% of Dubai buildings will be built using the 3D printing technique by 2030. In addition, the UAE launched the Dubai Future Accelerators, a program to invite the best innovators in the world to work on development, research, cutting-edge technologies and start-ups.

Dubai always moves towards the future

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