Dubai Municipality Cars Adopt 100% Biodiesel Fuel

Dubai Municipality Cars Adopt 100% Biodiesel FuelThe UAE oil production represents about 10 per cent of global oil reserves. Over the years, this has allowed the UAE to increase and diversify its trade relations with other nations. However, the country has already set out targets to manage its energy resources better in the future, including the use of bio-fuel from used cooking oil. Transesterified vegetable oil (biodiesel) is to be used to power duty vehicles.

This undertaking is part of the UAE Strategy 2030, which focuses on energy management but also on the need to manage efficiently the emirate’s oil and gas wealth by making a big investment in clean energy technologies. So far, there have been some developments in this vital sector: One comes from the Dubai Integrated Energy Strategy 2030 related practices for sustainable energy, and another comes from an established refused derived fuel (RDF) facility to process municipal solid waste, followed by a waste gasification facility that will produce biofuels.

Biodiesel is to become the choice for fuel, at least for Dubai Municipality Cars. In fact, biodiesel-ready autos might become the next big thing to address the demands for energy-dense and clean-burning transportation fuels.

Biodiesel, which is produced from oils or fats using transesterification and from metabolic by-products (organic or food waste products), can be used as a fuel for vehicles. This would allow the use of renewable materials that help in conserving fossil-fuel usage (a non-renewable resource) that can pollute the environment and possibly contribute to climate change; the switch from total fossil-fueled power to a clean diesel additive could reduce levels of particulates and support ecologically-friendly alternatives.

Biofuel generation has been already studied greatly for use in Europe and US markets as addititive and to replace gasoline and improve vehicle emissions. It is often seen as a way to increase thelongevity and cleanliness of diesel engines too.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), which is mainly concerned with emissions, made this statement about biodiesel benefits: “It is safe, biodegradable, and produces less air pollutants than petroleum-based diesel.” (Source: – the official U.S. government source for fuel economy information)

In the UAE, biofuels are becoming a very important market too. The objective is to build a stronger, more self-sufficient community by way of a community-based biodiesel production model.

Biofuels may be the future for transportation due to the substance being more energy efficient than petrol for cars. As a result, the biofuel industry continues to grow with more auto companies coming out with models that can use biodiesel.  Some vehicle manufacturers, many use some amount of fuel B2 (2% biodiesel), B5, and B20 blended with petroleum diesel. Biodiesel, however, can even be used in its pure form (B100), as Dubai has welcomed as a fuel choice recently.

Dubai has decided to use 100% biodiesel (B100), i.e., vegetable oil used as fuel that will power the cars of the city administration. The news appeared on the site of the World Economic Forum telling of an agreement between the City and Neutral Fuels LLC, a Dubai-based organization that deals with converting the cooking oils into gasoline sustainable. The accord is establishing a biodiesel distribution program for making proper collection and recycling of these oils to run the municipalities vehicles in a cost-effective way. The presence of biodiesel is agreed to be readily available for the cars sometime very soon with no vehicle modifications or special fueling equipment, or needing to change the traditional diesel tank.

Dubai Municipality Cars Adopt 100% Biodiesel Fuel

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    I think the best way to to go green apart from switching to biodiesel cars, is to replace R22 refrigerant air conditioning system to R410 refrigerant air conditioning system if a person is having an aging air conditioner system in Dubai.


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