Dubai Miracle Garden Reopens Soon

Dubai Miracle Garden Reopens SoonDubai is a thriving metropolis with excellent attractions on its doorstep; this explains why it has become a top destination for those visiting the United Arab Emirates. Travelers tend to agree that there is something in Dubai for every visitor; the emirate has beautiful beaches, miles of Arabian Desert, grand malls for shopping, luxurious hotel accommodations, sightseeing tours and a wide range of activities, which draw visitors from around the world.

From amusement parks to recreational sites and gardens, there is plenty to do and see while in Dubai. For those interested in visiting a premier botanical garden, there is the Dubai Miracle Garden, a park that hosts a wide range of flowers of different types from around the world.

The Dubai Miracle Garden is an oasis of green in desert landscapes. It spreads out over a 72,000 square meter area. It is a place perfect for family day trips as it is a site aimed to suit all age groups. 

The garden landscaping is breathtaking, with flower pyramids and carefully crafted walking paths to explore the park’s grounds and view 45 million flowers. They are artfully arranged to create a stunning, bright, colorful and playful vision. Visitors are drawn by the richness of colors throughout the alleys and the beauty of flowers hanging from arches.

Such a miracle garden does exist, but only in Dubai. This astonishing site, called by many a “piece of Eden,” was developed by Akar Landscaping Services and Agriculture Co. and is definitely a must-visit outdoor recreational destination.

Today, there are still many who do not know much about Dubai Miracle Garden; it is the largest garden in the world and has the longest flower wall with a one-km circumference. Although it has only been open since Valentine’s Day, last year, it is sure to become a top tourist attraction that will surprise all visitors.

In the near future, there are plans to open up cafes, restaurants and shopping spots within the grounds of the park and garden. These are sure to be enjoyed by residents and visitors.

The Dubai Miracle Garden is currently closed but is schedule to reopen in October; it normally welcomes visitors from 9am to 9pm.

Dubai Miracle Garden Reopens Soon

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