Dubai International Aquatic Championships (DIAC) 2015

Dubai International Aquatic Championships (DIAC) 2015The Dubai International Aquatic Championships, organized by the UAE Swimming Federation (UAESF), is set to take place on 1-11 April 2015. DIAC is expected to have a good crowd turnout since it has free admission to all events.
Planned in partnership with the Dubai Sports Council, it promotes Aquatic Sports events and is geared towards increasing interest and participation in such activities and creating opportunities for local athletes (e.g., UAE National Swim Team) in a unique and memorable way.

Unlike the previous year, with the DIAC consisting of two main aquatic sports competition (i.e., Water Polo and Swimming), this year a third event has been added.

The Hamdan Sports Complex will host two of the three swimming events: a FINA approved and qualifying swimming race (April 1 – 4), an open water swimming challenge (April 6 – 7) and a water polo tournament (April 8 – 11). All entrant forms have now closed. Medical forms have also been sent in. This means all aquatic athletes have been declared cleared for participation. The contestants’ deadline was March 15 2015.

The Swimming event has been approved by FINA as a qualification event for those that plan to attend the 16th FINA World Championships 2015 (Kazan, Russia). This event also gives UAE athletes the opportunity to complete at an international level with the World Top Level Swimmers. There is to be TV Media Coverage.

The top 3 swimmers will receive medals for each race; Entry Fees: 10 USD per swimmer/per race, or 20 USD per team/per relay—i.e., for the 4 x 100m Medley and Freestyle Mix Relay.

For the Water Polo event, male youth teams only will participate. Teams will consist of a minimum of 9 players and no more than 6 players (5 + goalkeeper) in the water and 9 substitutes. The players can take part to either the Tournament under 13 (years 2002 -2003) or the Tournament under 11 (2004- 2006).

The venue for the Open Water Swim (OWS) event is still to be decided; both males and females can participate. There will be individual team races (divided in age groups) and relay races (with each Club having 2 men + 1 woman or 3 men for each age group). The top 3 swimmers and teams will receive medals for each race or relay. Entry Fees: 10 USD per swimmer/per race, or 20 USD per team/per relay.

The following is scheduled to take place for the OWS competition:

1st Day of OWS (6th April):
• Relay 3 x 1km (all age groups from 12 years old);

2nd Day of OWS (7th April):
• Age Group 12 – 13 years old:    3km;
• Age Group 14 – 15 years old:    5km;
• Age Group 16 – 17 years old:    6km;
• Age Group 18 – 29 years old:    8km;
• Age Group 30 – 39 years old:    3km;
• Age Group 40 – 49 years old:    2km;
• Age Group 50 – 59 years old:    2km;
• Age Group 60+ years old:         1km

For more details on the Dubai International Aquatic Championships 2015, visit the official website site at As for any other upcoming major aquatic competitions to be held at the Hamdan Sports Complex, visit or its Twitter page @HamdanSC.

Dubai International Aquatic Championships (DIAC) 2015

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