Dubai Golden Brush Award

The 5th edition of the International Golden Brush Award 2015, for the selection of the best international Masters in painting, sculpture, photography and poetry, will see the participation of authorities in visual and non-visual arts: Masters Fabio Fazzio, Stefania Zanutta, Giovanni Basso, Piero Leonardi, etc.

On the occasion of the Award, there will be an exhibition dedicated to Master Andrea Fortina from Novara that, through his paintings, will make us absorbed in his delicate and touching artistic gallery.

The theme for this year is drinkable water and its preservation in the world; therefore the event will be entirely dedicated to “WATER” in its various facets and different states, but the leading theme will be respect towards environment and people.

Thanks to the support of Mr. Stefano Iorini, representative of Monviso Water, the official sponsor, and the moral and mediating support given by Mr. Piero Ricotti and Mr Mauro Marzocchi of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in the United Arab Emirates the event will see the presence of the  Italian Consul in United Arab Emirates, Mr Giovanni Favilli, who, in last edition, was the President of the jury for the Award.

The aim of this internationally recognized event is not only to recognize the best artistic work, as all  the artists have already passed the tests of a careful and very strict scientific Italian and Emirate committee, but is also an important fund raising through a charity auction of the selected works to the advantage of needy people, in alliance with HH Charity Fundation which helps and supports populations with serious problems of hydric resources.

The Sea Superintendency, based in Sicily, was happy to be involved in the event in a careful and active way. The Sea Superintendency at the moment is presenting the travelling exhibition focused on the Sicilian underwater cultural heritage, realized in cooperation with the Allard Pierson Museum of the University of Amsterdam (NL); the event sees the participation of international partners, selected among the best museums and prestigious cultural institutions  in Europe including the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford and Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek in Copenhagen and promotes what has been found in Sicily to this date.

At the Award, the experts will be coordinated by  Superintendent , Prof. Sebastiano Tusa, by scholar Giovanni Taormina of  LUM “University of Palermo”  by coordinator Cristiana Perrone President of the no-profit association “Il Vestito Nuovo” (The New Dress), coordinator Prof. Renato Tomasino of LUM, and by Architect Stefano Zangara, speaker during the event for the Sea Superintendency. They will have the opportunity to show the principal phases of the finding of the 12 Rostra, protagonists of the epic historian event of the Egadi Battle “1st Punic War” of March, 10th 241 BC.

For the first time the public will be given an overall view of the intensity of cultural exchanges and commercial traffic in the Mediterranean Sea centered around Sicily. Mr. Franco Fazzio and Mr. Giovanni Taormina, representative of culture in the University Multimedia Laboratory, will discuss the engineering works that Arabian started to use in Sicily since 831 BC. An awareness video will be projected during the yearly Italian Festival Art in Dubai.

The Regional Sicilian Parliament “ARS” gave its patronage to the project presented by President Cristiana Perrone and by the coordinators, who will be ambassadors of the archeological underwater Sicilian culture and of the “Arabian Norman” art, just selected by Unesco as World Heritage of Humanity.

The Italian classical music will be represented by Master Tenor Giuseppe Deligia, who will touch the souls of the partecipants through a selected and touching selection of the most famous Italian pieces in the world.

The programme has been planned and produced by Secolo Art Gallery.

Dates: 21-28 November 2015

Critic of the artists Mrs Raffaella Ferrari

Sponsor  Monviso Water
18 kt Golden Brush Award

Jewels from ATELIER PIERO De Martin, International Master Goldsmith

Dubai Golden Brush Award

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