Dubai Gold Souq: a brighting place..

Dubai Gold Souq, the traditional Gold Market of Dubai, located in Deira. souq (in Arabic: سوق‎ sūq, also traslittered as soqsoukesouksuksooqsouq, or suq) is an open-air marketplace in an Arab city. A souk is a free-market where vendors can command the going market price for their products. Dubai Gold Souq (in arabic: دبي سوق الذهب‎), is the traditional Gold Market of Dubai, located in Deira. You can easily reach it by taxi (every taxi-driver in Dubai knows how to reach it); you can also find a bus station very close, but the easiest and more comfortbale way to approach the gold souq is by taxi. Since a new gold souq opened (a real mall), specify to your taxi-driver which one you want to go to, before starting the trip.

Inside the Gold Souq - Souk you can find lots of store where you can eat kebab, sandwiches, having drinks or fresh fruitsInside the gold souq – souk you can find lots of stores where you can have kebab, sandwiches, having drinks or fresh fruits: we do suggest you the “Fresh Mango Juice“. Remember you are in a souq of Dubai, do not expect for a 5 stars service, even though people are very kind.

Here you some useful tips before entering in the old gold souq – souk in Dubai

– even though you can find lots of people, sometimes not-good-looking, the place is quite safe

– we do suggest to women, especially to alone women, to dress in a respectful way… you won’t have problems, but you can have all the eyes on you. Remember you are in an islamic country

– ATM-machines are along the main road, where the taxi dropped you off; on the main road, you will also find taxi to get back to your hotel

NOTE: sometimes (read it: often) taxi drivers will refuse of driving you to close hotels or the can ask you high rate. To get to close hotel in Deira, amout will be more or less 15 AED; they will ask you up to 50 AED. Tell them you will call the police or find another taxi.. in any case you can also decide to have a walk. Hotels in Deira are just 2 kilometers far.

– to leave the main road and visit shops in the small secondary streets, it’s not  dangerous; just be sure, you know how to get back

– shopkeepers will push you in entering their shops and buying something; there is no danger.. but for your pocket!

– lots of people will approach you along the ways, offering you replica objects (handbags, sunglasses, watches and other jewelry and so on). We remind you it’s not legal, but – if you decide to accept – be prompt to enter some apartments, located inside old and ugly building, in the secondary streets, perhaps with crumbling interior. A minimum of attention does not hurt, but as we said before there is no danger

– shopkeepers (mostly coming from Kerela INDIA… try introducing yourself with the word “namaste”) are very usually kind

– remember you are in a souq: negotation is a must

The new Gold Souq – Souk is situated in Bur Dubai, in front of Port Rashid: it is Dubai’s first and only wholesale jewellery souk for diamonds, gold and semi-precious stones. Reputed jewellers from all over the world are housed under one roof to cater several markets.

The new Gold Souq (o Souk, Suk) is situated in Bur Dubai, in front of Port Rashid

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