Dubai: genuine Italian flavours at “Cucina Mia”

This morning, I’ve just arrived in Dubai, the most spectacular city in the United Arab Emirates, famous for its shiny skyscrapers, dancing fountains on an artificial lake just in front of the tallest tower in the world, and for its lavishness.

I get out from Dubai Mall trade center, which is considered as the second biggest in the world with its vast shopping arcade that hosts luxurious stores some of which are of the prestigious brands. I head to the hotel where lodge some friends of mine in Marina Dubai.

It is time for lunch and we decide to have a bite after having walked around for half a day. Dubai Marina is famous for its clubs and restaurants which characterise its nightlife.

To be honest, I’d rather go to an Italian restaurant than to a restaurant which serves international food, no matter how nicely designed these dishes are.

By mere coincidence, I notice an Italian restaurant few steps from my friends’ hotel. The name of the restaurant is “Cucina Mia”. The place immediately inspires me and fills me with confidence. As soon as I get in, I am impressed with the design of the tables and chairs under the balconies, the grocery shop window, and the front door that gives me the impression of being in an Italian public square.

Chef Matteo Bissanti approaches us. He happens to be from the Italian Apulia region, just like myself and one of my friends. Soon we get connected.

We decide to be guided by the Chef in choosing what to order for lunch.  We ask for some starters based on bresaola, mixed salad with tomatoes and rocket and finally an octopus and potato salad served with home-made bread. After that we have spaghetti with delicious meat balls in fresh-tomato sauce garnished with basil and burrata cheese.

The chef pays another visit to our table to ensure that everything was up to our liking.

What can I say? Everything is so tasty and appetising from the home-made bread prepared by the restaurant, to the tender octopus with its typical seafood flavour, the salads, and the mouth-watering bronze-die spaghetti and the fresh-tomato sauce with burrata cheese.

My friends and I gave our compliments to Mr. Matteo Bissanti, who underlines that the secret of his art of cooking is the genuine and absolutely fresh ingredients which he himself carefully chooses and imports from Italy.

The chef invites us enter into the kitchen and shows us the oven for the preparation of “pizza alla pala” (that is pizza served on a wooden paddle’).  Later on, he invites us to taste not only croissants filled with custard cream but also a portion of “Tiramisù”. We finish our lunch with an espresso coffee which certainly cannot be but Italian.

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Dubai Italian restaurant-Matteo-Bissanti-Cucina-Mia

Italian restaurant in Dubai

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