Dubai First Royale Mastercard: the Royal credit card, with gold and diamonds

The Dubai First’s Royale MasterCard®

A small piece of plastic, makes the difference between VVIP and applicant-VIP: here you Dubai First’s Royale MasterCard®, the luxury credit card in very limited edition (there are supposed to be less than 200 holders of this diamond-studded card), with high exclusive benefits and also high exclusive materials. A Royale credit card, whose manufacturing is a real delicate process, with only nine cards being produced in a day.

Why this credit card is so special? The Dubai First’s Royale MasterCard® is made of black plastic with a gold border and a genuine certificated diamond embedded in the center: you don’t need to know the number of the bank account or how many Ferrari are parked in the garage, to know that the owner is very very rich, beside coming from Dubai. necessary condition for having this card.

All the services & benefits connected to this card, regard all the luxury fields: shopping, fashion, restaurants, hotel, helicopter & yatch charter, polo & golf club, and so on.

Please do not look for application form on the website nor ask for it to your financial promoter..  You cannot submit for it. The diamond-encrusted, gold-plated Dubai First Royale Mastercard was introduced on to the market in 2008, when Dubai was at its peak financially. The selected people chosen to have one of this Royale MasterCard®  has to possess very specific criteria in terms of social standing and profile, and are allowed real-unlimited spending. The annual fee? Free of charge… But we don’t know if the promotion is just for the first year..!


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