Dubai Firm Unveils Plan for a Liwa Oasis Eco Resort

Change is afoot in the UAE desert, as Dubai-based Eco Resort Group has unveiled plans for the Oasis Eco Resort, the “world’s greenest eco resort,” says the Dubai developer and London-based Baharash Architecture that are tasked with the design. The project will incorporate sustainable materials in the construction (e.g., reused, recycled-content, or made from renewable resources), and it is scheduled to open in 2020. The date is significant as the resort will be in line with the spirit of Expo 2020 (based on the three pillars of sustainability — economic, environmental and social) and with Dubai’s green master plan on energy- and water- saving initiatives, as reported from The Guardian.

Significantly, in the lead-up to the Dubai Expo and beyond, the UAE sets its mindset on raising standards of living by realizing the environmental benefits of going green for their communities and their residents; its citizens will live and breathe sustainable practices utilizing new technologies and processes wherever possible. This effort includes promoting healthy and environmentally friendly landmarks as well thought out and designed Eco Resorts in the UAE.

The latest development is a build in the desert with an energy-conscious design that will consist of on-site renewable energy possibility: that is energy-saving features that includes solar energy generation potential (with 14,500 sqm of solar panels) to provide all the power needed. In addition, the design includes a water-efficient landscape that features a spring at its heart and will be using a deep well for irrigation water use, as basic principles of resource effectiveness.

Oasis Eco Resort is to become a natural retreat to include green construction practices considering direct and indirect emission factors. There will be a zero-emission zone and wastewater treatment equipment to increase energy. This will contribute to onsite reduction in waste, pollution and environmental degradation to ensure that the site continues to move toward a greener future.

This well thought out infra structure planning supports the UAE ‘Green Economy for Sustainable Development’ Initiative launched by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai and the UAE 2021 vision.

The Liwa Oasis area is in the southern region of UAE. It is the latest place to support a “green economy,” says Eco Resort, which is planning to launch over the next few years. It will encourage an ecotourism of international tourists and locals drawn to the place also by the 84 interconnecting suites with views of the oasis and an outdoor terrace, along with a bar and restaurant, the organic spa and more. The resort will even have wildlife biologists and conservationists on site that will manage the animals (catch fish from the spring) and plant species and the organic produce grown at this environmentally friendly retreat.

As told in Gulf Business, the project is a $21 million USD build that encompasses an oasis-like design with a spring at its heart surrounded by palm trees. The accommodation and functional areas of the resort allow sustainability living, a new trend and a new movement within the UAE’s hospitality industry, the DTCM executive director Yousef Lootah said.

In sum, the UAE is rapidly gaining momentum and acceptance as a green culture that influences change by use of natural resources and environmentally-conscious operations just like the latest project, called the Oasis Eco Resort.

Dubai Firm Unveils Plan for a Liwa Oasis Eco Resort


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