Dubai Desert Road Run: A Movie Script Ending

Translated from Italian to English By Daniel Brecht
Dubai Desert Road Run: A Movie Script EndingDubai desert road is a classic appointment for those who live in Dubai, not for the number of participants (normally not over 500 people between the 10 km and 3 km races, compared to the 10,000 who participate to the Nike Run or the 25,000 of the Dubai marathon), but because of the fact that races are organized every 1/2 months.

It is now a social event, other than a sport event, with people that take the opportunity of meeting again in this occasion, also thanks to the historical location on the Dubai-Al Ain Road: The Sevens. This is my 4th/5th race since I moved to Dubai. Last one in which I participated was in December, with my friend Daniel: 10 Km completed in less than 48 minutes and a 48th place on 147 participants.

Lately, I haven’t been able to race since I was often involved in the event organization or because of other concurrent engagements. I was curious, therefore, to see the results I could reach after the solitary marathon in the desert with coach Max Calderan.

Since I had completed last race in 48 minutes and considering my better physical shape (thanks to the recent desert adventure), I was aiming at running in less than 47 minutes. I hadn’t considered – until the morning of the race – the higher temperature compared to December (+10 degrees Celsius) and the higher humidity level; in fact the general racing time was higher. In the end, I completed the race in about 52 minutes and 30 seconds, 92th of 250 participants, but with a satisfactory race.

I completed the first Km in 4 minutes; too fast, therefore I slowed down at once. Next 8 Km were run with regularity (about 5’30’’ per Km), concentrating on running in a relaxed ways to consume less and proceed with ease. In last km, I increased my rhythm and thought about sprinting at the end; last km was timed at about 3’30”. At 400 mt. to the finish line, I increased my rhythm and sprinted; I passed two other racers, but at 200 mt. to the end, a fourth runner passed the other two and reached me. We began running desperately, side-by-side for 50 meters, increasing our rhythm more and more. We were not running for the victory, but it felt like we are. Last few meters, still side-by-side and still increasing our speed. We were two strides away from the finish line when he slowed down. I stretched forward and I reached the line first.

We shook hands and hugged. The spectators applauded while the organizer of the race congratulated us.

It was a movie script ending

said coach Max Calderan. In the end, we were so close that we wereassigned the same time; my only regret is not having a photo or video of that moment.

Before returning home, I went for a cool down run at JBR. An additional 4/5 km, at ease, just enjoying the run. Nothing else. To the next Dubai Desert Road Run; maybe next time I will run the 3 Km, a distance I have never tried.

Dubai Desert Road Run: A Movie Script Ending

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