Dubai: A Destination to Ski or Board on Sand and Snow

Dubai is a place to ski or board all year round thanks to indoor facilities with real snow and plenty of sand outdoor in the dunes.

Though it really does not snow in Dubai, winter activities like skiing and boarding would be virtually impossible for the outdoor enthusiasts. However, even if the emirate lacks snow-covered peaks and accessible alpine-like resorts that provide slopes to ski or board, there are indoor venues, like Ski Dubai’s indoor snow park, offering a great opportunity for fun and adventures on snow-capped made hill tops. This is definitely the place to come to experience some fun as a skier or snowboarder.

No more waiting for the snow to fall, as there are family-friendly ski areas that guarantee year-round snowfall with artificial snow-making systems covering the hills for perfectly groomed, snow-sure runs 365 days of the year.

In the works is the Meydan One project, a proposed snow sports arena with plans to build the world’s longest indoor ski slope; it will be a record breaker. The first phase of the visionary concept is underway, with the construction of an indoor ski center with a 1.2-kilometre (0.75-mile) run that will have its base in the Meydan Arena (an 8,000-capacity venue to host sporting events, concerts and shows). Once completed, it will be an ideal indoor snow resort, which will be a bit different from the one at Ski Dubai – the first indoor snow resort (opened in November 2005) with an 85m high ski hall located in the Mall of Emirates. Here, there are 1.5 km of runs/slopes available, broken down to category levels of Easy (1 km), Intermediate (0.3 km), and Difficult (0.2 km).

Both venues will be a great place to hit a snow-covered landscape year-round for any interested skier or snowboarder. Visitors will be able to enjoy Winter sports and snow play. Aside from the planned ski slope, the Meydan One project is also constructing a1.5 km-long ice rink that will be the world’s longest.

The innovative Meydan One project approved by his Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai is currently in progress. Its date for completion is 2020, i.e. when Dubai prepares to host the “World Expo 2020,” said Saeed Humaid Al Tayer, Meydan’s Chairman. By that time, the Meydan One development of ski ramp will have to be ready. For now, the resort Ski Dubai – Mall of the Emirates offers plenty of snow fun moments.

If cold and snow do not suit you, another recreational activity of similar interest is Sand Skiing and Sandboarding (also known as Sand Surfing), which is the latest sport to attract tourists to Dubai. Sliding down the slopes of sand dunes can be just as fun as being on snow; this is definitely new for sports enthusiasts and adventure seekers. The activity is huge in Dubai. Different from the snow venues that benefit from chairlifts, those the try it in the desert need to climb to the top of a sand dune, then make the downhill run on the soft sand.

Therefore, why not experience the breathtaking thrills of sand skiing or sandboarding offered by desert safaris? This is an opt option that takes fanatics to some of the most beautiful sand dunes in Dubai on board 4x4s with pickups and drop-offs to the sandy landscapes as you head away from the city. Here, there is a limitless supply of sand dues to choose from. The desert provides ideal conditions for dune riders to go down gentler slopes that can offer a memorable ride.

If you’re in to some skiing or boarding (with or without a tour guide), here in Dubai you are able to ski, sled or board anywhere in the dunes that are not covered by vegetation.

All told, whether it is in desert areas or snow areas, Dubai is a place you can hit the slopes on snow or sand. This is something for the whole family to enjoy. Where else can you engage in skiing or else boarding/surfing in the same city? This is a place where many people can try both activities for the first time. So, are you ready to try out either one of the activities here? Skiers or boarders who want to slide or slope on snow or sand will appreciate what Dubai has to offer them.

Dubai: A Destination to Ski or Board on Sand and Snow

Dubai: A Destination to Ski or Board on Sand and Snow

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