Discover The Culture & Traditions Of Dubai

Dubai is an astounding metropolitan city that should be visited at least for once before you die. The city has some of the greatest examples of architectural marvels including the tallest building in the world that is the Burj Khalifa. Some of the major tourist attractions of the city are the palm islands, luxury yachts, fast cars, mesmerizing desert, the Dubai mall and a lot more. The city provides its visitors and residents with countless options for fun and adventure. Dubai is also termed as the yachting capital of the Middle East. It’s very easy here to own a luxury yacht for some time. Go for the yacht rental Dubai when you visit the megacity.

The yachts here are truly amazing and well equipped with all the modern amenities which are required for a perfect yachting time. You can enjoy a fun time with friends, family or even solo. The yacht ride will start from the beautiful marina and take you through the magnificent canals. The tall skyscrapers surrounding the marina are simply spectacular and look really gorgeous under the shining sun. While on your luxury yacht ride you will be provided delectable cuisines, chilled soft drinks and a lot more. The views of the marina and the blue ocean are just breathtaking and will give you a lot of chances to click some amazing pictures with stunning backgrounds.

The amazing desert safari

Dubai has a beautiful desert and has a lot of desert adventure sports to offer to its guests. The desert safari Dubai includes a series of activities. These fun activities include a ride to the desert in a 4×4 SUV, dune bashing, sand surfing, quad biking, camel riding, and a lot more. The whole trip to the desert will include delectable food, BBQ, chilled drinks, hookah smoking, bonfire, and some cool entertainment activities. After the adventure sports, you will return to the beautiful Bedouin camp where you will eat some amazing food and watch the entertainers performing for you. You will get loads of opportunities for clicking pictures. The best part will be watching a sunset in the middle of the desert with your loved ones.

Getting familiar with the culture

The best way to explore the culture and tradition of Dubai with all the luxury is to take a dhow cruise ride from the marina. The dhow cruise Dubai is a wooden vessel that is nowadays used as a floating restaurant. These beautiful cruise ships will take you on a ride where you will get a chance to see the breathtaking views of the marina as well as the beautiful canal. A dhow cruise is a perfect place for celebrating your special moments and makes them even more special.

They welcome their guests with chilled drinks and juices. They have a delectable buffet for their guests onboard. The entertainers will be performing dance and magic for you. The whole trip is just amazing with the best part being watching the sunset and the tall magnificent buildings of the gorgeous marina.

Fun fishing time

Dubai is a well-known fishing destination and people wish to visit Dubai for fishing in the beautiful blue ocean. The experience of fishing in Dubai is a unique one because the yachts used for fishing are awesome. They are well equipped with the gadgets such as fish detecting device, sonar, GPS and a lot more. They will serve their guests with delectable food and soft drinks while at the time of fishing. The guests can even enjoy a BBQ with friends and family. Also on your fishing trip, you will witness some of the best beaches and fjords of Dubai.

A trip to the Musandam village

The Musandam village is a beautiful village near the Oman & UAE border and is surrounded by mountains that are 2082 meters high from the sea level. The beauty of the village and the heritage is a major attraction. The village has a market where they sell almost everything from carpets to spices and a lot more. Take a Musandam tour and enjoy swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving in warm crystal clear waters of Dubai. They will serve you with mouthwatering food and chilled soft drinks while your trip to the village. Don’t forget to take pictures as you won’t find these spectacular views anywhere else.

Discover The Culture & Traditions Of Dubai

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    I went to desert safari Dubai in June. I liked the tour but I think June is not best time to go because it is always too hot in Dubai.


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