Diego Maradona – Rocio Oliva Controversial Lawsuit Action in Dubai

Diego Maradona - Rocio Oliva Controversial Lawsuit Action in Dubai

Diego Armando Maradona’s former fiancée Rocío Oliva is wanted for questioning after Dubai prosecutors got word of a possible theft that occurred in the Emirate where the couple has been together since January 2013.

The Argentine great footballer, now 53, has requested the release of an international arrest warrant on charges that Rocio Oliva, a football player herself, has made off with items including watches and diamond earrings. Maradona is accusing her of stealing his possessions from their home in Dubai.

Back in February of this year, Diego Maradona, and his young girlfriend, now 24, announced their engagement in Rome while Maradona was in Italy visiting his former team, Napoli. The couple’s relationship blossomed in 2013 in Dubai after meeting in in Mar de Plata, Argentina.

Maradona considers Dubai as his second home (Argentina being first). His popularity as a legendary footballer secured him the role of Honorary Sports Ambassador for Dubai and allowed him to sign deals for two jewelry outfits in the UAE (in 2013) to be renamed “Boby N Maradona Gold Diamond Jewellery.”

Oliva denies the allegations of Maradona’s attorney Matias Morla and has even made accusations claiming that Maradona struck her and showed violent behavior towards her; this, and some alleged flirtation with other women during their relationship, had prompted her to leave him.

The Federal Court of San Martin, Buenos Aires, Argentina, reported that there is no international arrest warrant against Oliva, as there is no proof (as of today) of her stealing any of Maradona’s jewelry and watches. If Maradona’s ex however is found guilty in Dubai and is caught with his possessions, she could be sentenced to 2 to 10 years in prison.

Maradona is still working with the Dubai Sports Council on and off the field although his complicated legal landscape might soon change that. Despite the fact that many Maradona’s actions and values are far from Arab and Islamic morality, however, there is no intention, at the moment, to terminate his contract before the agreed date, a source within the Council of Dubai confirmed.

Diego Maradona - Rocio Oliva Controversial Lawsuit Action in Dubai

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