Crop production to start end of the month

Crop production for the Abu Dhabi Farmers’ Services Centre will start at the end of the month. Harvesting will start in November. Forty products are to be grown during this season. Four additional crops will also be added compared with the previous season.

An annual production plan has been developed to achieve sustainability in the agriculture sector and support food security in the emirate of Abu Dhabi. This season’s plan includes the cultivation of cabbage, potatoes and coloured pepper.

The plan takes into consideration production and harvesting time and the situation of the market and the processes of supply and demand for products that can be grown in local soil. It is expected an estimated production of 31,050 tonnes of products during the harvest season.

In order to increase the local production, the plan will require around 2,640 ha of land, including 1,875 ha for open field crops and almost 809 ha for greenhouse crops – equivalent to around 5,670 individual greenhouses.

The production period lasts for 34 weeks, including 15 weeks of ‘peak season’ where up to 1,300 tonnes will be harvested per week.
Ten key crops represent approximately 77% of the total expected production, including cucumbers, at around 41%, followed by round tomatoes at more than 16%, eggplant at almost 5% and sweet peppers coming in at just above 4%.


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