“Cavalli 54” at Cavalli Club: Anne-Marie Inc. launches its first luxury event in Dubai

 "Cavalli 54" at Cavalli Club by Anne-Marie IncAnne-Marie Inc. by Anne-Marie Martinez from NY, a lifestyle-consulting agency specializing in image brand development, special events and lifestyle VIP services, launches its first luxury event in Dubai dubbed as “Cavalli 54” at Cavalli Club Dubai, Restaurant & Lounge. The company, headed by its CEO Anne-Marie Martinez, is now the team behind Pragma Group’s special events and VIP services for its opulent venues including Cavalli Club, Restaurant & Lounge and Cirque Le Soir Dubai.

Cavalli 54 is the brainchild of Anne Marie Martinez. It is an exciting new concept based on the legendary Studio 54. The renowned nightclub that gained extreme popularity in the late 70’s was a common destination for New York’s glitterati and socialites. Oozing with style and sheer class, Studio 54 built an identity for itself as one of the most happening places to see and be seen.

Every Wednesday, Cavalli Club, Restaurant & Lounge will recreate the ultra-chic scene, adding to it its own unique elements of luxury. The evening will feature classic hits from the 70’s and 80’s giving patrons the opportunity to experience the vintage era like never before.

I am very excited for the launch of Cavalli 54. I’ve hosted some of the flashiest parties back in New York, but from the moment I stepped foot into Cavalli Club here in Dubai I knew it’s a class of its own! The crystal-decked venue is a sanctuary for the chic and elite to overindulge, the same attributes of the iconic Studio 54. The combination of both brands on one night will be an explosion of pure opulence. It is going to be a great night filled with beautiful people who love fantastic food, great cocktails and extravagant entertainment

said Anne-Marie Martinez.

A native New Yorker, Anne-Marie who is also known in the international luxury hospitality industry as the “Go-To-Girl” has over 18 years of experience in nightlife marketing across the globe including exotic locations such as Turks and Caicos Islands. Today, she’s taking Dubai by storm contributing her expertise to the booming and vibrant nightlife scene of Dubai. She’s partnered up with Pragma Group as the company’s brands complement the services the she offers through Anne-Marie Inc.

After Cavalli 54, Anne-Marie is set to launch more events with Pragma Group with the aim of giving her high-profile clients an all-access key to the glamorous life in Dubai.
 "Cavalli 54" at Cavalli Club by Anne-Marie Inc

Pragma Group is an organization that balances the art and science of business. Focusing on two essential areas of today’s modern world, lifestyle and technology, Pragma Group blends skill and investment to grow brands within these two industries using the most effective business models and partnerships to make it happen.
Pragma Lifestyle is the division of the group that specializes in the entertainment, fashion, leisure and hospitality industries. Ranging from the homegrown to the globally prestigious, Pragma Lifestyle’s portfolio includes several leading brands such as Cavalli Club, Restaurant & Lounge, Cavalli Caffé, Cirque le Soir, Bo House Café, Health Factory, Lina’s Café and Epicure Catering.
Other sectors of Pragma include Pragma Technologies, Pragma Management International, Pragma Venture Capital and Pragma Marketing. Pragma Technologies, is a group of companies covering the IT and Telecom spectrums from all angles including Systems Integration, ERP Implementation, Networking, Mobile Phones Distribution, Gaming Consoles Distribution, and Gaming Publicizes Distribution. Pragma Management International is the group’s management arm, under which are White Label, Three Dots, Paragon. Pragma Venture Capital’s core responsibility is identifying and incubating new opportunities in the market and initiating them, and Pragma Marketing houses Dynamic Motion offering holistic communications and events solutions.
With unsurpassed experience garnered over many years in the Middle East and beyond, Pragma Group offers sustainable success for its businesses, partners and investors from around the region and the world.

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