Bergamo Scuba Angels rescue team

Bergamo Scuba Angels rescue divers team in DubaiBergamo Scuba Angels is a sports society with the mission to perform water rescue activities, in all their different and extreme aspects. Born from the experience of an high skilled team, Bergamo Scuba Angels stems from the experience maturated in more than eighteen years of operating activity in the “helicopter rescue in the swimming”. This experience, merged with the skills of other specific professionals, gave a precise identity to this team and has created a synergistic structure dedicated to rescue operations.

The Mission

To perform the rescue in the powerboat races.

To contribute to the research and development of new protocols; the search for new solutions, aids and equipment, in order to protect the lives of all people who can be victims of traumatic accidents in the water.

Bergamo Scuba Angels develops expertise, new equipments and new rescue protocols in cooperation with helicopter departments of the main military corps: Carabinieri, Police, Guardia di Finanza, Coast Guard, Civil Defense.


Bergamo Scuba Angels rescue team is responsible for all the rescue activities of the Italian powerboat federation (FIM – Federazione Italiana Motonautica) in all the races of the Offshore, Inshore and Endurance Championships as well as are in charge of the rescues activities of the prestigious Class 1 Offshore World Championship and Xcat championship, partially taking place in the Emirati (Dubai and Abu Dhabi).
Now the team has been also chosen to be the official rescue team of the America’s cup.

The rescue activity during the power boat races is particularly delicate and involves high responsibility: in case of accident or other issues, in few seconds the team must be able to get on the place of the accident/stop and assist the pilots; if needed jumping from the helicopter (especially in the offshore races) or acting from boats specifically prepared for rescue activities.

Bergamo Scuba Angel rescue team is composed by people highly specialized, that are continuously trained for this kind of activities. The team is open to everyone who can demonstrate to have the specific requirements necessary for this kind of activities and that agrees with the aims that the Club has stated in the Social Statute.

Bergamo Scuba Angels invests continually in Research & Development of new aids, devices and equipment specially designed for the traumatic rescue, in the water.

Bergamo Scuba Angels heli rescue diver

The Fleet

  • 5 Helicopters (partnership with two companies owned by BSA partners)
  • 3 Rescue boats


Staff Equipment

  • 12 complete medical bags for resucitation
  • 20 specific floating stretchers
  • Medical and surgical aids for immobilization and trauma treatment
  • VHF radios (fixed and portable)


Personal equipment

  • High visibility wetsuit
  • Specific breathing equipme (suitable for easy introduction in the cockpit)
  • Specific equipment for cutting and extrication


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