Arabian Makeup and its beauty secrets

Arab society is highly gendered, and this might be the reason why Arab women sometimes take the cultivation of beauty and femininity to extremes. Some Arab women cover themselves, leaving their faces and hands uncovered. This is why they take very good of the beauty of their hands and nails, and of their faces and eyes in particular, showing an intriguing and marvellous Arabian makeup.

Arab women tend to have the youngest and healthiest skin ever. Not to mention their lustrous hair. They are definitely blessed with a beauty that not many have, and they also take the necessary steps to make sure they protect their gift.

The well-known saying goes: the east is a delicate matter. Arab women are supposed to be modest and to nearly conceal their figure wearing an abaya, long dresses, tarha (head scarf), or hijab. Therefore, their eyes play a key role in showing their charm and beauty. This is why Arabic makeup concentrates on eyes. In Arabic society, whether conservative or not, Arab women have found a way to express themselves through their eyes by adding. They use several kinds of makeup but the king element is undoubtedly the “kohl”. It is made of black stone with the same name. This is a jet-black eyeliner, traditionally, women make it themselves. Arabs consider such eyeliner as eye protection from sun, wind and sand. In Arab countries, there are legends that Kohl cures eye diseases. It is used not only for eyes, but also to paint eyelashes/eyebrows.

Although Kohl is often associated with the pharaohs or Cleopatra, it has also had a starring role in the beauty rituals of Arab women for thousands of years. She might apply it in the morning, and again before going to bed. Indeed some women are even using permanent cosmetic applications to carry off the kohl mystique 24 hours a day.

Kohl is part of our Islamic and cultural tradition, and it is a significant part of Arab women identity. This beauty symbol makeup can be found in poems and religious texts.

Arabian Makeup and its beauty secrets

Model: @ginevra_n – Ginevra Nency
Pictures by: @shackette – Junell Cornejo
Location: Dubai Desert

Arabian Makeup and its beauty secrets

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