An Event for Lamborghini Enthusiasts in UAE

“Dubai is now home to the world’s largest Lamborghini showroom and service station in the world…,” as mentioned by

The emirate is no stranger to extreme supercars roaming the roads, and what makes the city unique is that you can easily find there some of the world’s most luxurious vehicles and exotic supercars. Among all the automobiles, the most-eye-catching means of transportation in the UAE is Lamborghini, including the V12-powered Aventador and the V10-powered Huracán models, not to forget the Veneno Roadster V12 6.5-litre; the latter is extraordinarily and extremely rare, as less than 10 were manufactured and assembled as a special, limited edition.

Lamborghini has a long history of making some the greatest cars, and Dubai expects “Nothing But The Best” The high-class vehicles designed with Lamborghini perfection fit Dubai where many buyers have the money and taste to enjoy them. Actually, some of these beautiful cars are even owned by the Dubai Police!

The emirate’s official Lamborghini new dealership is recognition that Dubai is a key spot for Lambos to be sold. Lamborghini sales have accelerated in UAE lately, and as a result, Al Jaziri Motors is investing heavily in new facilities. “We are only constrained by the number of cars allotted to us,” said Bader Al Jaziri, the owner and chief executive of Al Jaziri Motors, the Lamborghini distributor in the UAE.

These days, many of the production automobiles manufactured by Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A., an Italian brand and manufacturer of luxury sports cars, are seen in Dubai’s streets and spotted next to other supercars. When it comes to sales, maintenance and repairs or spare parts, you can now visit the new store of Lamborghini Dubai in Lamborghini Dubai Building, Sheikh Zayed road from Saturday through Thursday.This is the world’s largest Lamborghini showroom; a new outlet, since May 2016! It is owned and operated by Al Jaziri Motors, the only authorized Lamborghini dealer in the United Arab Emirates.

The new facilities are impressive and cover a  total area of 30,000 sq. feet, with three levels and two private display areas! It was designed by legendary Uruguayan architect Carlos Ott, the creator of the Bastille Opera and National Bank of Dubai, among other projects. It is a contemporary structure that “boasts an external glass façade suspended by steel cable and aerodynamic modern interiors that appeal to the ideal Lamborghini customer.”

“The new showroom marks the next step for Lamborghini in Dubai, reflecting growing demand for both Lamborghini V10 and V12 super sports cars and, of course, the expected arrival of the Lamborghini Urus SUV in 2018,” said Badr Al Jaziri, General Manager of Al Jaziri Motors. “Our significant investment reflects Dubai’s position as a major Lamborghini market and, importantly, brings both sales and aftersales together at the same location.” For more details, visit


In addition to the Dubai store, Emirates’ car enthusiasts can check out the supercars at Lamborghini Abu Dhabi in Nation Towers Abu Dhabi, Corniche Street. Al Jaziri Motors opened the doors of the Lamborghini Showroom in Abu Dhabi on 12 March 2014.

Annually, the company organizes big events, where they bring real Lamborghini enthusiasts together. Upcoming event: June 17 – Club Suhour + drive at the Palace Hotel, Downtown Dubai. Drive starts at TBA. Suhoor is from 9pm to 1am.

Lamborgini enthusiasts can also join the Lamborghini Owners Club UAE (@lamboclubuae), which launched on Friday 8th of April 2016. All are welcome to be a member of this community that enjoys “groundbreaking events, unforgettable organized drives, as well as exceptional offerings from some of the UAE’s most luxurious brands for the ever-growing Lamborghini family.” (Source: What’s more, the members receive exclusive access to new Lambos’ as they enter the market.

The Club (, which is managed by a board of Owners and representatives of Al Jaziri Motors, is a group of passionate owners who like “sharing their stories and passion with the UAE community.” Those who become the proud owner of a very expensive car have lots to tell and show off. “The passion of the owners and the community here in UAE is the main drive towards the creation of the club, and with our continued support the club will grow in both numbers and presence on the road,” comments Ahmed Darrag, Marketing Manager of Lamborghini UAE.

An Event for Lamborghini Enthusiasts in UAE

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