Almas Tower Building Run-up Challenge, a Unique and Iconic Race

Almas Tower Building Run-up Challenge, a Unique and Iconic RaceThe perfect fitness test of your running ability may not be on a horizontal pathway, but in a vertical stair climb sprint, such as the Almas Tower Building run-up challenge set to take place on Saturday, Jan 31.

On that day, the Fidelity Fitness Club in association with the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC) will present the Vertical Run. This physical activity event consists in a challenge that sees runners charge to the top as fast as they can inside of the building. Such a race can really push athletes to the limit. The running event  at The Almas Tower skyscraper,  ranked fifth tallest business building in Dubai, will have  athletes run up 64 floors—1,600 steps.

This event is similar to the one involving every year New York’s most iconic building, the Empire State Building. There, athletes from around the world tackle the stair-climb of 1,576 steps (86 floors). This year, the event will take place again on February 4.

Almas Tower (aka Diamond Tower), which is located on its own artificial island in the center of the Jumeirah Lakes Towers Free Zone of Dubai, UAE, makes the perfect setting to do a competitive stair climbing test against a steep incline. Participants will have to get ready for a heart-pumping, calorie-torching workout as they run up flights of stairs; it does not get much more intense than this. Since this is a time event, the competitors will need both speed and stamina to complete the race.

Serious contenders may be able to sprint up the stairs without stopping, but those who run out of energy may use the support stations that are available every five floors; these rest points are ideal for those who want to just take it easy and enjoy the climb.

Those up to meet the challenge need to register soon as last day to sign-up is Monday Jan 26. Runners may register for an opportunity to enter the Vertical Run Almas Tower by filling out the online form on General admission: 100 AED. Start Time: 2:00 pm. Medals are given for winners. Registration Fees include the following: Goody Bag, Refreshments, and Food Coupon. Items can be collected on the day of the event from 12 noon. Parking is permitted on Basement 2 of Almas Tower.

Almas Tower Building Run-up Challenge, a Unique and Iconic Race

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